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  1. Honda OEM filters off ebay

    Maintenance and Service
    Hello, Anyone here bough OEM oil filters off ebay? I dont use ebay frequently. Is there a posibility these are a knockoff? Filters are about 1/2 the price as local (Canada).
  2. eBay Fog Light kit?

    Hi All, This is my first post as a new owner of a low milage 2008 CR-V LX. I was wondering if anyone has purchased this fog light kit on ebay and how the install is and how they worked out? Thanks, Jedispey
  3. CRV reverse light

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi, i'm trying to install a backup camera on my 2007 CRV, i have to connect the camera's cables(Black and Red) to the Reverse light, which one is the reverse light cable? I tried to tab the Black to Black, and Red to Red(with black in the middle, that seems to be the the Night Light...
  4. Good Source for 1st Gen. Sun Visors?

    1996-2001 Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen 1)
    I need a new sun visor for my driver's side as my original one doesn't want to stay in position when I flip it up towards the windshield (it's a bit saggy). Is there a good source for OEM or repop visors or is eBay my only option at this point? Thanks, kopper '99 CR-V EX
  5. eBay key shell worked fine on 09 V

    Mobile Electronics
    I purchased a 5.00 key shell on ebay for my wife's 09 V. It broke where the blade meets the fob which I understand is kind of common. Well, getting it cut was not that easy. I had one locksmith freak out and insist that I buy their blank for $170. "Our machine will take 25 minutes to cut this...
  6. OEM Black running boards for 02-06 $99 on ebay (URL)

    Just an apologies if you're catching this post after the supplier runs out. I just received my OEM running boards in Black...for $99. Incredible deal. I think they have 10 left (20 sold already) so this guy just have been lucky with a sweet wholesale deal. Luckily he passed the savings...
  7. Aftermarket ebay fog light kits?

    I had an Acura RSX Type S I sold to purchase my CRV. I purchased an fog light kit on ebay for it and was very happy with the kit and it only cost me around $35 vs the $240 OEM Acura kits on ebay. The clubrsx website members directed me to a kit that was really close to OEM. I am wondering if...
  8. Anyone have experience with Ebay Kinetic Rotors?

    Maintenance and Service
    i saw a set of Kinetic rotors for a good price.. does anyone have any experiences with this brand? thanks
  9. Mugen replica grille on eBay

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    I've got an '11 CRV and am interested in the Mugen replica grille. The listing says it won't fit an '11. Anyone know for sure? I can't see the attachment points or fitment being any different.
  10. My experience with eBay ghetto bling chrome grille and plate light covers for LX

    I have an 09 LX and have always liked the chrome grille and plate light on the better trim levels. I looked up pricing on the parts and the work required to do the upgrade and came up with about $200.00 and two hours. Not so bad... I was poking around on eBay and saw what looked like chrome...
  11. Ebay OEM style vent visors...anyone try?

    Anyone try these vent visors? Any good?
  12. Ebay fog lights for Gen 3?

    Has anyone tried the Ebay foglights for the Gen 3? If so were you satisfied? Can they be turned on with out turning on the headlights?
  13. eBay OBX 4WD header?

    Under The Hood / Performance
    I was skimming eBay when I came upon a couple of 4WD headers for the 97-01 CR-V. Will these actually fit a 4WD V, or is it just a typo? Has anyone on here bought one?
  14. Gen 1 Floor mats on Ebay

    Has anyone here bought a set of these. There are several positive feedbacks form CRV owners but Ebay doesn't have a system to contact them. or the rear cargo liner...
  15. '10 Crv grille guards - eBay

    Hey anyone here have one of these bad boys installed on their V? Grille Guard 1 Grille Guard 2 I would really like to install this on my V with black rims but was wondering if anyone on here can share their experience..Any ideas on the price differences? Do you like it or hate it?
  16. Opinion on all-in-one custom made CRV Head Unit on Ebay

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi guys, we just picked up our new 2009 CRV EX-L leather without navigator this weekend. First thing I would like to do is to replace the original HU with a touch screen HU with GPS and Bluetooth capability. I would like to know if any of you has any opinion on these China custom made HU from...
  17. Crossbars on eBay

    Does anyone have a set of these...
  18. All in one GPS/Entertainment units on Ebay?

    Mobile Electronics
    Does anyone have or know someone who has one of those non-branded all-in-one entertainment systems you see on Ebay? They seem too good to be true but the price is great and a few of them almost look like the factory unit in my 09 EX. Worth the risk or better to go with Pioneer or Eclipse unit?
  19. Upper ball joints (upper arms)OEM, EBAY, NAPA?

    Problems & Issues
    I find myself in need of replacing the ball joints (upper control arms) on my wifes 1999 CR-V. NAPA wants $92 each. I found Ebay prices, $35 each (2 year warranty) and $48 (lifetime warranty). Any reason not to use the ebay parts or should I spend $$$ and get OEM?
  20. Killing more time on eBay

    Just being unproductive on the net and found these on eBay. Actually decent price too.