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  1. Edm headlights

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 CR-V
    Hi i am new to forum i recently bought a black 2013 exl. I love it but lighting sucks I recently bought the edm headlights but, I need wiring diagram if anyone has can they post please thanks again cisco
  2. 12-15 CR-V Interior Trim... USDM Vs EDM

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 CR-V
    So, overall there are a few things that bug me about my new CR-V. Most of them I have accepted, but if I can change or fix them I will. Once of them pertains to the faux-wood type trim on the dash. The dealer said that is the "only color that is available" in all non-LX level trims. That trim...
  3. fs 3rd gen 2007+ Euro spec headlights (EDM) with OEM Ballast and bulbs $800 + shippin

    Trading Post
    Hi CR-V members! Up for sale are USDM CR-V Projector Headlights. Make your V have the sleek look of OEM halogen headlights. Some people say you need these headlights for maximum night time driving safety. Included are brackets, and all bulbs. OEM H4 bulbs offer all-day reliability and Honda...
  4. EDM brush guard

    does anyone know how to get a hold of the EDM brush guard for the first generation CR-V?
  5. edm front bumper for first gen

    I am hoping to find an edm style front bumper for my first gen. anybody have one or know where i can still get one? Thanks in advanced.
  6. Group Buy: EDM front bumper & projector headlights

    I am wondering how many 07+CRV owners will want to have EDM OEM front bumper and projector headlights.Bumper costs Euro 875 and fully painted matching your stock color, projector headlights (ECE/DOT version) cost 750. If I can get 25 orders I can get 10% off the price. If anyone would be...