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  1. 99 crv (electricity issue) slow windows,windshield wipers, etc.

    Problems & Issues
    hey i have a 99 awd crv with 172k on it. my windows go up a lil slow when the car is off, but then go up a bit faster when the car is on (i know this is normal) but over time the speed for the windows when the car is off is getting slower and slower. my windshield wipers do the same thing...
  2. Static Electricity When Exiting.

    Problems & Issues
    I've been getting zapped big time when exiting my 2008 CR-V Honda. I recently ordered a grounding chain from China that hanged down from my muffler to the ground. Well it came off as soon as I hit the R.I. roads so when I arrived at my destination, I realized it was no longer attached to my car...
  3. Static Electricity

    Problems & Issues
    I have an 06 CRV with Bridgestone tires and when getting out of the car I get the worst static shock of any car I have ever owned. Does anyone know of a solution. I've read that some tires produce more static charge than others.