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  1. Emissions code P2A01 after installing downpipe for 2019 CRV

    Performance Modifications
    Hello. I recently installed an RV6 downpipe for my 19 CRV. We triple checked everything, but I’m still getting an emissions code. P2A01. Does anyone have any experience with this, or any ideas on how to get rid of it? I’m also...
  2. Emissions System Problem

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    This just came on in the dash of our 2019 Honda CRV? what does it mean and can I still drive it?
  3. 2003 CRV emissions sticker missing!

    Problems & Issues
    Dear all, I just inherited a 2003 CRV from out of state, which I have now driven home to California. But when I tried to register it, we discovered that the EPA emissions sticker (which is normally attached on the underside of the hood) is missing. Told to ask the local Honda dealership for a...
  4. 2018 EXL Issue with emissions

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    I have encountered an puzzling problem. Four times in the first 1000 miles the engine has gone into a mild shutter mode when I let off the gas. The first two times it cleared up with the next restart. The third time it did not clear up after I went into Lowes and restarted to go home. I noticed...
  5. No emissions test in South Dakota so do I NEED a catalytic converter and O2 sensors?

    Problems & Issues
    My son is planning to help me with this issue and we are wondering if there's a way to run a pipe instead? Any thoughts on this? Thanks.
  6. multiple codes with emissions light on need help asap please

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, New user/poster here... I have a 2003 honda crv-lx manual... 3rd owner, here's what's going on. I'm sure the oil is low, there is also a hose not connected.. no clue where it goes.. the exhaust speciality shop I took it too today gave me the codes I'm going to try to attach. He said the cam...
  7. emissions vs check engine light

    Problems & Issues
    i have a 2010 and the check engine light comes on for the 0420 code. i can reset it and it stays off for a few weeks at a time. the emissions is due (maryland if it matters). if i reset it how long do i have to wait before i can go? is it a time ie hours of run time? starts? or miles?
  8. Emissions light and P2A00/P2A08

    Problems & Issues
    Morning all, My 07 CRV has had the emissions light come on again which scared me to death as I thought it was the cam chain playing up again. Upon pulling the codes, it looks like it's O2 sensor related but it not a failure code like P0134 but I'm getting P2A00 and a P2A08 the former is for o2...
  9. 2004 CRV Catalytic Converter Keeps Failing

    Problems & Issues
    Hi everyone! I have a 2004 CRV, 2WD. Some months ago, my check engine light came on, when I ran the codes, it came back with the code for catalytic converter, oxygen sensors, or emissions system. I also got one for the knock sensor. I replaced the catalytic converter and the oxygen sensors...
  10. 98 CRV failed emissions

    Problems & Issues
    Hi Guys wonder if anyone can help. My fathers CRV 1998 just failed the MOT (here in the UK) on emissions at 9%. I changed out the Llamda and the Catalytic converter which has improved things to 5% but still way to much. Car drives well and no MIL light up on the dashboard indicator. All the...
  11. 1999 dohc having some emissions and transmission codes, need second opinions

    Problems & Issues
    1999, DOHC, auto trans, 255,000 miles a bit of a story here. september 8- the crv was running a bit sluggishly, not so good gas mileage (aprox 17 mpg combined), and temp gauge showed it running hotter than normal, about 2/3rds from the top of the gauge. went by autozone and got the following...
  12. VSA and Emissions Issue

    Problems & Issues
    Hey guys, I'm wondering if anyone has any idea what's doing this to my CRV. It's a 2005 4-wheel drive. Just two days ago the VSA lights came on along with the Emissions light. Normally that wouldn't be a huge deal, but the car is getting to be undrivable. The problem is, when the VSA lights...
  13. emissions control indicator for unplugged sensor?

    Problems & Issues
    This is for a 2007 CRV L. I changed the engine air filter and left the connector on top of the tube unplugged. My wife drove the car about 15 miles and then told me about the emission control indicator light being on. Is this connector just a sensor and does it matter that we drove the car with...
  14. Engine emissions light problem help

    Problems & Issues
    Hi all, only second week of owning CRV diesel 2006 and emissions light came on today, no revs from accelerator pedal for a while till i stopped and started a few times , only good thing was i just got back on my drive ! i see from the history and speaking to last owner that this problem has...
  15. Emissions light is on

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, My name is Matt and I'm new on here. I have a question regarding my 2002 crv, whilst driving to work on Friday my car stalled at a set of traffic lights. When I looked at the dashboard the emissions light was on. My crv would not start straight away and only started if I gave it a...
  16. CEL and I dont think that its emissions

    Problems & Issues
    Okay here's the story, crv has been running like a top, Changed all the fluids, no real problems..etc. Went on a road trip this weekend, Buffalo to Northampton Mass.. Thats about 800 miles round trip and another 200 goofing around. Car ran fine the entire time and did great on gas. Got back last...
  17. Emission Light Connected to Transmission?

    Problems & Issues
    I was idling in a bank's drive through when the emissions light suddenly came on and then proceeded to have much higher rpms when automatic shifting. I have never had problems with the transmission before. 123,000 miles 2002 CRV LX. The transmission fluid level is fine but the fluid is slightly...
  18. Yellow Emissions Light Remains On After Changing Gas Cap

    Problems & Issues
    Hey all - new poster here - My 2000 CRV is a dream but the yellow emissions light came on couple weeks ago. Read the manual and told check the gas cap. Sure enough, the cap is original and suction was almost non-existent. Went to an O'Reilly's Auto Parts to replace the cap for $8. Light went out...
  19. Please help!!! Ca emissions question.

    Problems & Issues
    I've been on the phone with Honda customer service for 45 minutes. I live in NY, own a 2000 CRV, auto trans. I will be relocating to San Diego, CA soon. Q: how can I tell if my car will pass CA smog/emissions test. A: (from Honda) see if there's a KL (good for CA) or a KA (not good for CA)...
  20. Flood and Emissions Control

    Maintenance and Service
    I drove through a flooded road yesterday (no choice--really!), the water came up to the top of the tires (none in the car). Car stalled out, then restarted 5 minutes later. Now the emissions control light is on and car idles a little rough; but otherwise drives fine. It is a 2009 CR-V. Any...