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  1. 2002 2.0 Manual, loss of power, EML + 25 fault codes, genuine or a con?

    Problems & Issues
    Edit: Just noticed at the top of the screen of the diagnostic code list it states "2002 Honda CRV B20Z1", which is wrong, it's a Gen 2 with a K20A4 engine (or A1, but I think A4 was standard in UK CRV) So maybe that explains the weird codes. Perhaps it interpreted the data from the ECU...
  2. 2000 crv eml on

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 2000 crv with an engine management light on bringing up multiple cylinder misfire but no running faults. It comes and goes with no pattern, i have replaced plugs, leads, cap and rotor. I would have normally presumed this was a dizzy fault as the coil module is all built in but i have...