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  1. Struts, tie rod ends, sway bar links/bushings, ball joints at same time?

    Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    My 2007 CRV AWD is riding a little rough these days with 150k miles. Ride is bouncy, chirps some on turns, clunk when turning wheel all the way to left. I was thinking of doing all the stuff in the thread title at the same time, then get an alignment at the shop. Any reason not to do all this...
  2. Replace Angled Exhaust Pipe Ends

    Performance Modifications
    What effect on performance would occur if the down turned exhaust pipe ends where cut off and replaced with some sort of straight pipe ends?
  3. Tie Rod Ends (Outer vs Front Outer?)

    Problems & Issues
    I'm looking at the tie rod ends at rock auto for a 2005 cr-v. I'm seeing outer and front outer. What's the difference? While we're at, does anyone have any recommendations about which of those brands to go with or avoid? Thanks.
  4. Tierod ends

    Problems & Issues
    What are the best aftermarket for a gen 2?
  5. inner tie rod ends

    Problems & Issues
    My 98 crv inner tie rod end boots on both sides are completely torn and hanging there and look quite old. What are the symptoms I should be having. Right now my car goes left and sometimes right on the higway. There is a slight wobble/vibration during driving especially at highway speeds and...
  6. Gen 2 outer tie rod ends

    Maintenance and Service
    So i'm replacing the struts on my GF's CRV and noticed the tie rods are completely rotten and full of sludge. 2002 with 165,000 miles and the entire suspension system looks completely OEM and never replaced. I want to replace the tie rod ends but they are rusted nasty onto the inner tie rod...
  7. RAAMaudio sound proofing Starts July 11th- Ends August 10th

    Vendor Deals
    Hello CR-V Club I am a member of the ROC and we have a group buy posted on that site. We have been given permission to post it here as well. Please read below the the group buy offer: I have been in touch with Rick McCallum owner of RAAMaudio. I was looking and doing...
  8. Back with a NEW issue... man, this never ends!

    Problems & Issues
    Rberman, Radar and everyone, In early December, 2008, I posted about my 2000 Honda CR-V giving me trouble with the check engine light coming on. After adjusting the valves and fixing some protruding spark plugs, the light disappeared. Now, I'm back with a brand new issue. Yesterday, as I was...
  9. 2nd gen front ends

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Hello all, I just became the proud owner of a 2nd gen crv and i was wondering how hard it would be to convert the 02-03 front to an 04-05. thanks ya'll