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  1. Energy Suspension

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    Hello, I'm new to this site and trying to gather some info for a project. Recently purchased a 1997 EX AWD with 160K miles. Its in great shape but ALL the sway bar bushings & end links are badly worn and need replacement. Like to install with Energy Suspension urethanes. Their catalog...
  2. Question abt Michelin Energy Saver A/S Tires

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, My 2008 CRV has 31k Miles on Bridgestone Duller 470. I went to costco for tires replacement. Spoke to manager and he suggested Michelin Energy Saver A/S. After Tires Replacement i found that the tires can take load only upto 100T. Where as Honda recommends minimum 102T tires. Spoke to...
  3. Promising energy technologies

    Off Topic Section
    Periodically I check out the Engineering News section of the science news website "Science Daily". Recently they reported on two interesting developments. Thermoelectric materials produce electricity when heated. Its an old concept but recently people in white coats and propeller beanies have...
  4. An Energy plan to think about.

    Off Topic Section
    We all have to get behind some effort to relive our dependence on others for our energy needs. There have been no realistic leaders in this effort to date. No plan to build on. We have just heard a lot of talk. Here is a man with a plan. It has its faults as most new any plan do. It is realistic...