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engine replacement

  1. First Gen first post! interesting maintenance questions

    Maintenance and Service
    I love my first gen V. It's been in the family since pretty much new. My brother beat the s**t out of it a bit. His dog ate the seats and he didn’t change the oil for about 35k km. I've taken better care of it. 205,000 km's on it now. Here's the question. I see somebody parting out a V with...
  2. 2003 LX Engine failure, 119K miles

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 2003 LX 4WD CRV with 119K miles. Last week, while my son was driving it, a drop valve came off and destroyed the cylinder. (this is the abridged version from my mechanic) A used engine installed will cost $3300 (5 year warranty included). The car itself is in fair/good shape, and well...
  3. Replacement Engine for a 99 CRV

    Maintenance and Service
    Im sure this has been discussed at length. However Im looking for a reliable place to purchase a used low milage engine for a CRV. There are none local that I can find, St. Louis area. So Im hoping some of you have had good experiences with someone out there. Or can say who to avoid Thanks in...
  4. engine swap

    Performance Modifications
    i am the proud owner of a 2000 honda cr-v, and i love the car, but i would like more power. the 4 cylinder is fine, but many times i have had to put it to the floor to get good acceleration. i have heard mentions of people doing an engine swap with a 2000 honda accord 3.0 V6 engine, but usually...
  5. Engine Replacement on CRV 2002 - Pros and Cons

    Problems & Issues
    After dealing with oil burning problem due to a cylinder failure, I have to replace the engine. Considering the cost of engine rebuild; it is not an option. But I am not so sure about the future issues associated with an engine replacement. What should be taken in consideration and what should...