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  1. Spring Meet 2010 - So Cal Chapter EOC: Saturday, May 8, 2010

    West Coast & Hawaii Owners
    For the third year in a row, I decided to do it again :D. Once again, I have been asked to plan a meet for our So Cal Chapter. Like last year, I would like to invite our So Cal brothers and sisters of the CR-VOC to join us. For the last two years, we have had our Spring Meet at the Wally...
  2. Join the So Cal Chapter EOC at the Annual LA Auto Show

    West Coast & Hawaii Owners
    Last year, the So Cal Chapter of the Element Owners Club invaded the Los Angeles Auto Show. This year, we plan to do it again. Last year we got together and gawked and geeked over the '09 Element, Element SC, CR-V and Ridgeline. For more information, click the link below. We are planning on...
  3. Spring Meet 2009: Combo - So Cal EOC / ROC / CRVOC

    West Coast & Hawaii Owners
    Spring Meet 2009: Date Confirmation - April 25, 2009 So Cal CR-V Owners, Greetings: I am JSm00th, the unofficial event coordinator for the So Cal Chapter of the Element Owners Club. Last year I planned a number of events for the So Cal EOC. This year I am getting an early start. I am...