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  1. Sudden Improvement in Gas Mileage -- Running an experiment

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    I'm one of the owners with disappointing fuel efficiency. I'd kind of resigned myself to best at 24mpg around town and 30mpg average for highway trips (as calculated at the pump). :( Am I the only one here who bought this car expecting closer to 28/34 mpg? Checking... Honda still shows 28/34...
  2. A really fun experiment with the adaptive cruise control if you are brave

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    Forgive me if you already know about this but I found this very interesting and fun. I gave a friend a ride in my new Touring on Saturday. He is a technically savvy guy and we were discussing the adaptive cruise control. I gave him a demonstration. We were in a 35 MPH speed zone approaching a...
  3. 2004 EX 6MT Engine Oil Consumption SeaFoam Experiment

    Problems & Issues
    After many months of watching Craigstlist locally, we found a decent 2nd Gen EX 5MT (2004 with 187k miles) for a fair price not too far from us back in November. In addition to attending to some relatively minor repairs at a local independent shop (VTEC solenoid gasket, knock sensor, a couple...
  4. Trying an experiment

    Fuel Economy and Gas Related Discussion
    Since the compression ratio on the 2010 version of the 2.4 is fairly high, I'm going to run a couple of tankfulls of 89 octane through the CRV to see what effect it has on highway fuel economy. Hopefully the engine controls will advance her timing a bit. Will advise if this works. Regards...