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  1. 01CRVEX’s Build Ideas (B18C1 P72?) EXPERTS?

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    I’ve been enjoying my Honda CR-V going on five years now. I’ve been wanting to do some engine upgrades to make my first gen a little bit faster. I spoke with my Honda Technician about what’s best to get a little more umph out of the 2.0L B20Z2. He recommended to go with 94-01 Acura Integra GSR...
  2. HELP !! Please CRV experts !! VTEC or actvator or ECU Problem ?

    Problems & Issues
    Hi to make a long story short I own a 2003 CRV 2.4L Ex AT Have Codes P0300, P0301 , P0302, P0304 , P0341 and sometimes P0344 and sometimes P1259 car bogs down and won't go over 2700 rmp once I get the p0341 or p0344 or P1259 until I reset it. I replaced spark plugs no help, tested and replaced...
  3. need experts about backup rear camera imid to aftermarket radio dual view

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi, I need some help with the rear camera for my CRV 2012 base model . ( Non navigation - non amplifier) Just install nex4000 with Pac PR4 - HD11 everything is fine . I would like to get the signal rear camera to my Nex4000 to making it dual view both IMID and nex4000 . ( I already got the...
  4. Any AV Experts Here? Questions on Video Cabling...

    Mobile Electronics
    Hello All! I had recently purchased a few audio / video components for my 01 CR-V. Here's what I have setup: Headunit: Kenwood DDX371 6.1" DVD Touchscreen Headrest Monitors: 2x Rockville 9" Digital Monitors Here's my questions: 1) Kenwood headunit has a 3.5mm jack for AV1 / AV2, will a...
  5. coilover experts please

    Problems & Issues
    heard about yellow speed coilovers? Are these coilovers comfortable for daily driver?
  6. Hoping the experts can help with my new CR-V

    Greetings & Introductions
    Hi everyone I have just got a CR-V 2003 EX with 65K on the clock. I have done a search of the forum but been unable to find answers to the following things I need help with: 1) how to get hold of an owners manual preferable a digital copy to I can understand what all the buttons and switches...