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  1. Extremely Interesting Recall

    Media News & Reviews
    I just saw this on Fb, posted by my cousin. I wonder if it is causing issues for CR-V's too...
  2. Extremely pleased with Katzkin leather seats

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Just had Katzkin leather installed. Second car I have had with their products. You can choose from a Zillion colors, patterns, stitches and textures. I find the leather and style better than factory leather in every way! Top grain, not split cowhide or bonded. I installed it myself on my...
  3. Extremely uncomfortable seats - very frustrated and in pain

    Dear Honda:
    is there anything in the works to change the seats on the CRV for that on all the Honda cars? I called American Honda the other day. i'm trying everything i can think of right now to figure out the right combination of cushions but have yet to find a solution. I love the car otherwise - can...
  4. Extremely rare ABS Modulator problem on my 2008 CR-V - seriously??

    Problems & Issues
    So, my Brake, ABS, VBS, and Stability Control ( ! inside a triangle) lights came on. It stumped my local mechanic and I ended up taking my car to the dealer. After they looked at my car I was told it stumped them. They told me they haven't really seen this except for once, in a car that was hit...