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  1. Upholstery fraying

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 2019 EX CR-V with about 6300 miles - about 11 months old. During the week my wife drives it to work and I get to drive it on the weekends. We recently noticed that the front seat fabric was starting to fray. We showed it to the dealer and they are going to replace the front seat...
  2. Fabric Protectant

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    The black door armrest panel fabric on my EX (non leather) where my arm rests sometimes is already showing a need for cleaning at under 1k miles. After cleaning it with some soap and water, i was going to try some scotch guard or 303 on it, but want to make sure the surrounding non fabric areas...
  3. EX cloth seat fabric protector

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    For the clothe seats, anyone recommend anything or is Scotchgard the best stuff out there or should I just not worry about it. Think dealer wanted $600 for the stuff but I said no to all their crap. Thanks
  4. Stain removal from grey fabric seat

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    I have the 2017 LX with grey interior and a mystery stain on the center of the seat. I must have gotten something on the seat or my pants and streaked it across the seat getting in or out. Looks like it may be a grease type of stain but not sure. I put baking soda on in and let it set before...
  5. Hole in seat fabric.

    Problems & Issues
    Hello folks. My driver's side seat got a small hole in it. What is the best way to repair this problem? Does Honda sell the fabric to repair this?
  6. New Car Fabric Treatment, Scotchgard?

    Just bought a new 14 EX. Declined the dealer add-on “paint sealer and fabric treatment” (I know, they are 95% dealer profit). But I am wondering if it would make sense to apply some sort of interior treatment/stain resister while it is new. Is Scotchgard the equivalent of what the dealer...
  7. Any ideas on where to get stock OEM fabric seat covers for an 09 V?

    My 09 driver's side seat covers are wearing already where my wife gets in and out. If they don't cost too much, why not beat the rush and buy a spare set. I guess an alternative is to go with an aftermarket cover over the factory fabric. But, I like the factory look even though the factory...
  8. Advice on cleaning fabric

    Problems & Issues
    Have a grease stain (probably butter) on 2010 LX fabric. Any advice on best method, or product which is safe to remove stain from fabric?
  9. fabric coming off door

    I just noticed that the fabric on the driver's side door is starting to come off. Is there some kind of adhesive that's best to use? Should i use adhesive at all? Or just jam it back into the groove with a plastic scraper or something? Whats the best way to handle it before it REALLY starts to...
  10. fabric on door - stain prevention/replace

    We just bought our first Honda, CRV LX AWD AT 2009. The interior is light-colored fabric, and we have children. I was surprised to see the fabric that Honda puts on ever door - the fabric that covers the "arm resting" portion of the door. I can see this is going to be dirty all the time. I am...
  11. Seat Fabric

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 2010 Honda CRV-LX with Ivory interior. The longivity of the seat fabric really concerns me - I have searched extensively and cannot find the fabric content or if it is protected (scotchguard, etc.) The day I picked up my new Honda it was raining. When I opened the door, the rain got...
  12. LX fabric?

    Is the LX fabric of lower quality than the EX? Or is it just not as pretty?
  13. Fabric Protector, what to get

    Wax on, Wax Off
    Fabric Protector Hi folks! I’m a new owner of an EX (love it) and plan to drive it ‘til it drops. Sooo, I understand about what to do to protect the finish on the outside but not as sure how to protect the fabric of the seats on the inside (always had used beaters before so have little...
  14. Seating Fabric

    What's with Honda's omnipresent insistance on velour type fabric? Wouldn't a "beefy" non velour fabric, such as in VW models, be a better choice? It doesn't show the inevitable wear and tear, and indeed might actually be more appropriate for "an SUV".:confused:
  15. '97 Seat Fabric Patterns

    Does anyone have access to the original fabric patterns for the '97 Crv? I would like to custom sew new seats, not covers or slips, but replace the old fabric with new material.