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  1. Facebook Group for 3rd Gen

    2007-2011 Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen 3)
    I have been searching for a Facebook group for our generation of CRV's. Any help would be appreciated. I just noticed almost all are for 1st Gen models. If there isn't one I may begin one. It would be nice to link up with people on there as well.
  2. Has the forum become facebook?

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    Just noticed all the crap on the left side under user name. What's this for? I'm not on facebook but I'm guessing it has similarities to that. Just curious as to the purpose?
  3. 2017 CRV Facebook page

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    Its small and just started but get on and add to it!
  4. Like us on Facebook!

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  5. New here but thought I'd provide a fresh view of the website

    Community Help
    Classifieds: WOW - all in ONE page! A bit overwhelming to locate anything or browse for what you may be interested in. I think similar categories as the forum itself would greatly aide the use of the classifieds. Break it up into: Wheels/Tires, Electronics, Factory accessories, engines...
  6. New to CRV's - 2005 SE. Long time previous Honda owner

    Mid-Atlantic CR-V Owners
    Just picked up a high mile but very well cared for and maintained 2005 SE. Looking forward to many good years and maybe a JDM low mile motor down the road to make it "fresh" again. I am in the Fredericksburg, VA area. Previous Honda's: 95 Odyssey, 94 Accord Wagon, 94 Accord Sedan, 95 Accord...
  7. New to CRVs but a long time past Honda owner - 2005 SE

    Greetings & Introductions
    Just picked up a high mileage but one owner, garage kept, very well cared for 2005 SE model. Though it has 183 k miles, it has full records and very high quality maintenance, so I expect it will go to 300k plus miles. It is replacing our 2006 Pontiac Vibe with 245k miles. It will be nice to...
  8. Win a Trip to the SEMA Show. Just LIKE on Facebook

    There may be no such thing as a free lunch, but there sure is a free trip to the SEMA Show in Las Vegas up for grabs! So what IS the catch? Like on Facebook it's that simple. Once you do you'll start seeing some of the wackiest, wildest and most fun car photos, videos and...
  9. CARiD's Facebook Channel Updates.
    I want to remind everyone that we have our own Facebook Channel. It's a place for car enthusiasts to gather together and discuss car modifications, different projects and just have some fun)) No matter what vehicle you have - a sports car, a big lifted truck or small Mini, if you like...
  10. Gran Turismo 5 Giveaway: 'Like' AutoGuide on Facebook for Your Chance to Win

    Off Topic Section is giving you the chance to own THE driving simulation game. That's right, with GT5 having just launched, AutoGuide has obtained two copies and we've giving them away to our fans on Facebook. To enter to win, all you have to do is visit AutoGuide's Facebook page here and click the...
  11. Are you on Facebook? Got any pics of you and your vehicle?

    Off Topic Section
    If you're on Facebook, we invite you to put up a picture of you and your car/truck/cycle etc. in our brand new group. We started a fun group aimed at getting as many pictures of different cars/trucks/cycles/ etc. and their owners as we can...
  12. Myspace & Facebook

    Off Topic Section
    just wondering what members have a myspace or facebook account?