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  1. fact or fiction

    Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    hello people; It's in my head from things I've heard in the past that the same tire is needed on all 4's on a AWD vehicle. What have you heard? IBBY
  2. TPMS and Traction Control - Another Fun Fact

    Dear Honda:
    Guess what happens when you put on your snow tires if you don't buy 4 more sensors to put in the snow tires that you used on your last car? TPMS fail light comes on. Now your traction control is automatically on and you cannot turn it off. Guess what the manual tells you to do to get moving in...
  3. 1st Service: Fact. Trans. Oil Level Low

    Problems & Issues
    1st Service: Trans Oil Level Low From Factory My LX AWD has had downshift issues since new--with 8000km now. It just had its first oil change/inspection. I described the fault to the SA. The tech found low tranny oil "from the factory". With no leaks. I think this should have been caught...