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  1. '19 Shopping: Fair price/online offers

    Shopping & Test Driving
    I'm working with six dealers within a 200-mile radius on getting a '19 CR-V EX-L 2WD. We know we want white with ivory interior. I asked, via email, for them to send me a offer. Only two have. Most reply with "We'll match your best offer. Come on in". I remind them I am 2 1/2 hours away and I...
  2. 2017 CRV EX-L - Fair price from dealership

    Shopping & Test Driving
    Shopping for a new EX-L without Navi. What is a fair price for 2017 EX-L - with zero accessories or Navi? MSRP is saying 31,500 USD but I'm curious what you all think I can get it from a dealership? Thank you, Pob Fam
  3. fair price

    Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    I got a quote today for replacing the shocks on my 1999, right around $1.000 for 4. What is a fair price to replace shocks with basic after market OEM type shocks? It looks like a job best done by a repair shop. Apparently gone are the days I could just pop new ones in like my old Fords.
  4. Fair price for Hondacare 7y/100k wraparound warranty for CPO 2014 CRV

    Shopping & Test Driving
    Friend is buying a 2014 CRV EX with 15k miles on it. He is paying $20400, which in itself seems high to me but I may be wrong. Its certified so its coming with the 7/100 powertrain warranty and the 12/12 bumper to bumper. He is considering the wraparound warranty that turns the 7/100 powertrain...
  5. What does the dealer do for a fuel system service? Are these prices fair?

    Maintenance and Service
    So, I went in for a state inspection yesterday (Texas) and they had a laundry list of services that they were recommending... Rear brake pads and rotor resurface ($240 per pair), fuel system service (something like $200) and a brake fluid service ($115). 1. - What is the fuel system service? 2...
  6. 2001 Honda CR-V-$4995 (Fair price?)

    Shopping & Test Driving
    So I'm considering this 2001 Honda CR-V for my first car. The vehicle is at 198,000 miles already, and the dealership is asking 5,000. It does look pretty clean, but so far most of the first generation Honda CR-Vs are running about this price and mileage (I live in the inland northwest U.S.A. so...
  7. did i pay a fair price?

    Shopping & Test Driving
    Hi All I am a recent proud owner of a 2008 white cr-v ex-l! I got it for $15800 with 70k miles on it... Was just wondering if this was a good deal? I has some minor accessories on it and bnew tires... theyr very loud and bulky though. Thanks, Niko
  8. Is this a fair price for 2007 AWD EX Automatic?

    Shopping & Test Driving
    Hello Everyone! looking to enter your wonderful world. seems like a very practical car that will last forever! i was looking at a 2007 AWD EX Auto with 48k. It is is very good condition, 1 door ding, a little rear bumper scuff and a little wear on the driver lower seat bolster. has rubber and...
  9. Buying Certified CRV 2010/2011 - Prices Fair?!

    Shopping & Test Driving
    Hi guys, I targeting a 2010/2011 CPO EX-L with AWD at below 45k miles. Test drove a 2011 Black CRV with a NAV built in. 36k miles. They showed me sticker price of 25,999, and internet price of 22,395. They were unwilling to budge a dollar on internet price after negotiating aggressively for...
  10. Fair price for 2006 CR-V EX?

    Shopping & Test Driving
    What is a fair price for a 2006 CRV EX in very good condition? (5sp w/ 73k miles) I have posted our vehicle on Craigslist, Honda-Tech and a few other free classifieds for $13,950 OBO (KBB lists price for pvt sale at $14,550) but we have not had a single legit offer, just a bunch of scammers...
  11. What is a fair train-in value for '08 EX AWD?

    Shopping & Test Driving
    Hi, my CR-V is '08 EX AWD, black. everything is stock. no added option, no leather. I'm in the NYC area. KBB valued my '08 with 13k miles in excellent condition as $20g for a trade-in. with minor scratch/ding. I know that kbb may over value it. what would be a fair offer from the dealer? Don't...
  12. What is fair resale price for 2002 EX???

    Shopping & Test Driving
    I have a silver 2002 CRV EX with 49,800. I love the car and am not anxious to sell but my son is telling me I need to get a new car since this is the age that things start to go wrong. It's in excellent condition, inside/outside, but has a slight dent/scratch on back rear door. I went to...
  13. Fair?

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    Hey Guys and Gals, well I need a place to vent a little so here goes... First off let me start by saying I don't want everyone to think of me as a spoiled brat, I am not. I am very grateful for my family and possessions. OK, now onto the story. I'm 15 years old, I will be 16 on December 18th...