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  1. Driver's side visor fell off - new 2018 EX

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    I flipped my visor down for the first time this week (2 week old 2018 CRV EX) and when I turned it to the side to block the sun, it fell off with the power cable dangling!! I can pop it back in but as soon as I open it and turn it to the side it falls off again. The lights on the mirror flicker...
  2. 2006 tailgate latch assembly backplate fell off

    Problems & Issues
    The receiving latch built into the door frame fell yesterday. Have the latch itself and both screws. Looks like there’s a backplate that must have fallen into the frame. Does anyone know how I can get into the frame below the rear left side of the car? Kinda looks like the bumper needs to come...
  3. 2017 CRV EX a screw fell down from behind the dashboard

    Problems & Issues
    Dear all, I was driving my CRV and suddenly a screw fell down from behind the dashboard. I was able to hear the sound as I was driving at a constant speed around 60mph with no traffic. When I stopped the car, I found a screw under the break pedal. As I was able to hear it bumped into several...
  4. Rear View Mirror and Back Piece Fell Off Front Window

    Problems & Issues
    Hi There Fellow CRV Neighbors, My car has been sitting in the hot sun (today it was in the late 80's). The piece that is glued to the front window fell off. I am guessing it was held on the window with some type of metal glue? My question is: Do I need to take it to Honda for them to put...
  5. Third Brake light fell off rear window and passenger side windshield

    Problems & Issues
    Hi guys, my third brake light fell off the window of my 2006 CR-V. I tried superglue but it doesn't seem to do the job. You guys have any suggestions? I'm not sure if I can just buy the housing or something but here is what it looks like Also, the passenger side of my windshield wiper...
  6. Driver's window fell down, how should I fix this?

    Problems & Issues
    Hi there! This is my first post on the CRVOC forum, or any forum for that matter actually, so bear with me. My driver's side window fell down into the door and I need to fix it. I am on a tight budget and would like to fix it myself. Any clues? THANK YOU!
  7. Hello Everyone NEW CR-V 5-speed Owner here. It fell into my hands....

    Gen 1: 1996-2001 CR-V
    After a year of owning a Mazda Miata I decided I needed something bigger and more fun which lead to me selling the Miata and running into what I own today, my beloved 2000 Honda CR-V 4x4 5-Speed. 147k miles, in good condition. I will post a pic in a bit. Only thing wrong is the trunk latch is...
  8. Power source fell out of console

    Problems & Issues
    Any videos available for replacing/re-securing the power source outlet. Mine has fallen away from the console. Can see the threaded end, but not sure what holds it in, or how to get to it.
  9. Fell in Love with the V's! Here is my work in proress.

    Image & Video Gallery
    I am new to the CR-V world but have to say I am very impressed with these things. I bought one so I don't have to drive my pickup around town when it is not needed. I found my 2001 SE in Minneapolis and have sense went through the whole motor and have done all fluid flushes and all new belts...
  10. Driver's side view mirror fell off, how to attach it? CR-V (2005 mod).

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, At my CR-V (2005) the Driver's side view mirror fell of during the night (maybe caused by fast temperature drop...?). Anyway, I can not figure how it is attached. It is only the "mirror" that have fell off, the plastic is intact. Should I use some kind of glue?
  11. 03 CR-V Gas Mileage Fell off Fast 325 down to 190

    Problems & Issues
    I bought my 2003 CR-V last March..2013. It had 192K miles when I bought it. I was getting well over 325 miles to a tank of gas. About 3 months ago, I noticed mpg were slowly falling off. I drive 55 miles total Monday through Thursday to and from work and it is 99% Highway/Interstate driving with...
  12. Garage Shelving Fell On Car?

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    I recently moved to a new house and the previous resident had installed shelving in the garage. Well, that shelving fell on my car while I parked it inside the garage. I intended to remove the shelves anyway, but apparently I should've done it immediately. I didn't lay a single finger on the...
  13. Lower plastic door paneling trim fell off

    Gen 3: 2007-2011 CR-V
    I have a 2011 CRV and my wife came in and said that when she closed the door, the lower plastic door panel trim fell off. I looked at it and the clips are still attached and none are broken. It looks like the panel is attached by pushing the clips into the holes on the door itself and then...
  14. Rear Differential Fell Off

    Problems & Issues
    My 17 yr old son phoned me to say his 97 CRV was making a terrible noise. Its a 97 CRV I resurrected to give him something to drive around town. Peering under the back end of the CRV I saw the differential twisted over about 10 deg's. Underneath the two front mounts into the casting had broken...
  15. 2012 CRV Licence Plate Light Fell in Hole

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 CR-V
    I have a 2012 crv and the licence plate light didn't clip in properly and fell in the hole and i can't get the light back out. Anyone have any idea how to get it out?
  16. A/C clutch just fell apart

    Problems & Issues
    1999 CRV with 162K, just had the front plate of the ac clutch fall off, found it laying on the plastic underneath, along with what appears to be the nut. what's weird is that the shaft doesn't go past the rest of the remaining parts of the clutch, leading me to assume that it broke off right...
  17. idler pulley/air condition tensioner pulley fell off

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, talking about a 1998 crv. three weeks ago I have replaced the rear engine mount (at a shop). It was thorn for a couple of years now and every gear shift was felt. After the change the stiring wheel was vibrating in my hands while the car was standing but running (on a red light for example)...
  18. 2000 Glove Box Lock Assembly Fell Off

    Maintenance and Service
    What kind of screws hold it on?
  19. Heat shield pan fell off ( catalytic converter ? )

    Problems & Issues
    Hello all, I just had to pull out this shield from under my CRV as it was dangling , is it from the catalytic converter ? I tried to explain to dealer and they said they needed to replace the whole catalytic Here's the pic Can I just buy that piece only ? thx
  20. Bulb and socket fell down under the engine undercarriage

    Problems & Issues
    I was replacing the parking lamp bulb of my CRV 02 (gen2). As I carelessly put it back, it slipped out of my fingers and fell down near the serpentine belt. I can see it stuck on the under engine cover (is this the name of the plastic cover?). I removed several plastic clips of the plastic...