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  1. Accessories
    Hi everyone, check out these new interior packages for 2015 Honda CR-V. Our dash kits will allow you to completely restyle your stock interior without any modifications! Dash pieces are laser cut to perfectly match with every single edge of the dash on your CR-V. Each piece consists of 2...
  2. Image & Video Gallery
    Here's the old setup on the CRaVe a while back ago, it's been running on the OEM setup for the longest. YES I KNOW, CAI > Drop In Filter > OEM > SRI I did it just for the heck of it and to shock people when they heard the "growling" noise it produced, because it looks cool, and so I can have...
  3. Accessories
    Has anyone found one?
  4. Accessories
    Did anyone see this? This is rare, a real carbon fiber sport grille for the CR-V 02-04 on eBay.
  5. Performance Modifications
    So, I'm thinking of getting this intake from the Gillman Honda Dealer near my house. I'm not sure yet though. What do you guys think? The parts guy at Gillman said it should fit on my CR-V. They want $160 for it. Made of aerospace quality carbon fiber, the Password:JDM Carbon Fiber...
1-5 of 5 Results