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  1. Tail fin antenna discussion illumination etc

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    Over the years the stick antenna's faded and became small ones to fins on a roof while the actual radio antenna is now in the rea defroster area of the window. Has anyone found an Accessory that they may like over the stock ants on the back? WOuld you put a illumination one on if...
  2. On 2018, can Shark fin antenna be replaced with rubber duck?

    Mobile Electronics
    One week old 2018 EX and not happy with FM reception. Like others, see little value in Sirius/XM. Wondering if anyone knows if the fin can be replaced with a more traditional radio antenna for better reception.
  3. Shark Fin Antenna removal/install

    Problems & Issues
    Just traded in my 2016 Touring for a 2018 Touring. The antenna became damaged by a low opening garage door. Took it to the dealer and the service person said it will cost $516.00 because the entire headliner, handles, etc will have to be removed!! There is an opening for a hook that has a...
  4. Functional Shark Fin Antenna replacement with Urban Titanium color?

    Gen 3: 2007-2011 CR-V
    Does anyone know if any place sell such a thing? I found that there is a product made by AntennaMastsRus for White and Red color Shark Fin Antenna, which they claim to be functional, and got 5 stars review on Amazon. Anyone has any experience about this, and does any manufacturer make "Urban...
  5. Visual Garage shark fin antenna on 2016 crv

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Loving this new shark fin antenna! Around $90, easy to install, screws into the existing antenna base and sticks on using 3M adhesive.
  6. 2013 CR-V DAB Aerial Shark Fin Antenna confusion (UK SPEC CRV)

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi, First of all, I know that this is a USA based site, and from what I can tell, you do not even have DAB over there, only Sat / XFm Radio. But hopefully you can help shine some light on my issue! My wife just got her CR-V recently, over here in the UK the specification trims are slightly...
  7. Diy shark fin install

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Suggested tools - Flashlight, 8mm driver, trim removal tool, 17mm ratchet and electrical tape. Remove cargo light lense and two 8mm screws. Remove weather seal from top and right side of hatch opening. (Pulls off easy) Separate upper and lower right side panels using trim removal tool. Gently...
  8. Shark Fin Antenna?

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi. Anyone install that VG Mark II shark fin antenna to replace the mast antenna? Looks good and very easy to install but does it work well?