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  1. HondaLink won't finish setup

    Mobile Electronics
    I got a new CRV and can't get the HondaLink to finish setup. The diagnostic is on for it. The HondaLink button tells me to check the app. I go through the setup on the App and it goes back to main screen that says finish setup. Everything is setup normally.
  2. What you start make sure you finish, do you:

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    We all own a Keyless and Push start system, Fail safe this is not. I just walked out the door and could have driven off with a Car. Honda needs to Yes indeed Honda Needs to shut down the car when the Key Fob goes out of range. No you say, I say then why make an Immobilizer chip for then. It is...
  3. Manitoba Ming Mirror Shine finish Car detailing

    Western Canada Owners+Alaska V Owners!
    has anyone tried this? any reviews or comments?
  4. NEW FINISH: Velox Apex & Nirvana | Gloss Black Metalic

    Tires, Wheels and Suspensions
    Velox Wheels strives to create wheels that are timeless in both design and durability, and the Apex and Nirvana are no exception. Available in gloss black metallic paint exclusive to Discount Tire, the Apex and Nirvana offer classic styling and dependability for everyday driving thanks to...
  5. 2014 CRV Lift Gate Finish Molding Repalcement

    Problems & Issues
    Hi - I have a 2014 CRV and need to replace the finish molding on the lift gate for it, has anyone had experience replacing this part? Will I need to remove the interior plastic on the lift gate to gain access to the 4 bolts for the piece? If so does anyone happen to have a procedure handy to...
  6. Console finish damage

    In my wife's neverending quest to kill all germs she spilled some alcohol based hand cleaner on the console of our 2010 EX-L. It has ruined the finish, luckily it is limited to the gun metal gray cover right next to your right thigh. I have found one on line but cannot figure out how to...
  7. Carbon fiber or wood finish for CR-V's dash

    Hi everyone, check out these new interior packages for 2015 Honda CR-V. Our dash kits will allow you to completely restyle your stock interior without any modifications! Dash pieces are laser cut to perfectly match with every single edge of the dash on your CR-V. Each piece consists of 2...
  8. Steering Wheel Honda Emblem - chrome finish worn off

    Problems & Issues
    So I took my 2005 Honda CRV LX into the wash for a good detailing. When I went back to pick it up, they detailed the steering wheel so good that they wore off the chrome (not actually chrome) finish on the "H" emblem on the center of the steering wheel. This really looks like crap with it...
  9. Steering Wheel Emblem chrome finish worn off, recommendations for fixing

    Problems & Issues
    Had my 2005 CRV LX detailed inside and out at the car wash and they obviously cleaned that too hard and the chrome finish is half worn off leaving half of it a terrible yellowish color. Got a refund but I still have this issue and my wife isn't happy!! I've seen a couple of suggestions on this...
  10. Protecting the finish

    I didn't purchase the protection package but want to protect my car. I will be up north for a while then moving to FL. Any suggestions on best products?
  11. First Impressions of Finish Kare 1000p Hi Temp Paste Wax

    Wax on, Wax Off
    We purchased our glacier blue Honda CR-V in May 2009. I have only used one protectant on it--Ultima Paint Guard Plus. I love this product, principally because of its ease of us. In less than 15 minutes I can seal the paint, cladding, and trim. One single product does it all, and I don't even...
  12. 2010 CR-V glob under paint finish

    Problems & Issues
    Just noticed a small glob of grease or soft dirt underneath the paint finish in my door jamb. I poked at it and its soft. I picked at it with my fingernail and a tiny chip of paint came off exposing the primer underneath. :mad::mad: