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  1. Problems & Issues
    Has anyone heard of this problem? Last night my wife was driving no more that 5 minutes and flame shot out from under the hood, she stops in the middle of traffic and runs away from the car, luckily to good Samaritans had fire extinguishers and put out the fire. The CRV was purchased in the...
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  3. Problems & Issues
    so my daughters mom calls me today saying that her car is on fire. so i tell her to get the hell off the highway and get our daughter out of the car, now. she was over exaggerating.......sort of my name is matt and i'm new to the forum. i play mechanic all the time in my spare time. i own a...
  4. Problems & Issues
    I have a 2006 CR-V DTI ex and it has recently started to miss fire when under load especially when towing my caravan. It doesn't happen under light throttle use and has recently been serviced with all filters changed.
  5. Problems & Issues
    My wife has a 98 CRV and I'm having trouble diagnosing a problem. Last week she told me that it took a few tries to get it to start up, and when she was stopped at a stop light it would idle normal but when she went to accelerate it would stall. Then a few days later it got much worse, the only...
  6. Recalls, TSB's & Notices Honda is recalling 268,655 CR-Vs for faulty driver's side power-window switches that could catch fire if they get wet, according to filings with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration...
  7. Problems & Issues
    Hello, About 24 hours after last driving, car was completely dead (keyless entry didn't even work). Never had problems with starting or battery before. Attempted to jump and everything worked, engine turned over fine, but wouldn't fire. Fuses all good. Read in a post that even though the...
  8. Problems & Issues
    Hey, Recently the check engine light started flashing on my 98 CR-V and I lost fire on #4 cylider. I have changed the plugs and wires. What should I do next?
  9. Problems & Issues
    While driving at night, both headlights went out and I pulled over as to not cause an accident and there was a smell of burning electrical wiring. I turned off the light switch and the smell went away. Upon having a local mechanic look, he found the connector from the wiring harness that plugs...
  10. Problems & Issues
    I am getting engine miss fire codes. Can this be caused by a faulty sensor? Also, I'm having trouble getting the rotor off the distributor shaft, should it not push straight off?
  11. Recalls, TSB's & Notices
    My brother had a fire in his 2008 CVR that destroyed his vehicle. They are still investigating this fire. If any one knows of any defects or problems that could of caused this fire please post with email me [email protected]
  12. Mobile Electronics
    For Christmas 2007 (when I was driving my Ridgeline) I had received a Line of Fire 49" kit as one of my gifts. I loved it, but didn't get around to installing it on my Ridgeline by the time I traded it in. The Line of Fire lights are still new in box, teasing and taunting me from behind my dirty...
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    Click here to read the entire story from By James R. Hood ConsumerAffairs.Com