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  1. Early Wear and Fading on fitted Weather Tech front mats

    Has anyone experience early wear (scrapes, discoloration) on black WT front floor mats?
  2. Which Engines and how long were they fitted ETC??

    Diesel CR-V
    Hi, I have just purchased a 2006 CRV 2.2 diesel Executive from a pal that has covered 160,000 miles... The car runs very well but does appear to use quite a fair bit of oil, although it doesn't smoke at all, pulls very well and the engine holds the car back on a decent so the rings should be...
  3. Towing oil cooler kit fitted to CRV sensing 2018

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    I have had a request for some details of what was fitted by Honda when a towing hitch was fitted. This is the description and part number as fitted. Oil cooling kit, part #06255-5RL-305. This was mandatory when fitting the hitch to my CRV 2018 sensing AWD in New Zealand. We do have a lot of what...
  4. Pic requested of fitted replacement radio (double din)

    2007-2011 Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen 3)
    Can anyone help me by posting a picture of a mk3 CRV dash after the factory radio has been replaced please? My 2007 has had a Sony double din fitted but it looks like it's recessed into the dash too much. I'm not sure it's right but I can't find any pictures of how it's supposed to look. Thank...
  5. Wrong Towbar fitted by Dealer

    Racks, Hitches and Towing
    Good evening, I collectected our 2017 CRV SR on 01/11/17 expecting to find a detachable towbar fitted, to my amazement they've fitted a fixed towbar but the bumper cuts are appalling and to be quite honest Stevie Wonder would've made a better job. I have it in writing that a detachable towbar...
  6. 2nd Gen: Anyone fitted 215/75/R15?

    Tires, Wheels and Suspensions
    Hi Everyone, I've spent a long time searching the forum but struggling to find particular answers for a 2nd Gen (plenty of answers for the 1st Gen!). After searching on the net in general for tyre sizes that would fit, I arrived at the conclusion that 215/75/R15's would fit a 2nd Gen. However...
  7. Factory Fitted Detachable Tow bar on a 2013/14 CRV

    Hi All, I need to get a tow bar fitted to my '63 plate CRV EX. I've been looking at getting the detachable genuine Honda one for ease, as Honda will fit it for the same price as a decent (Witter) aftermarket one and I know there will be no issues with the electrics. I am struggling to find any...
  8. serious lag on acceleration, after new high pressure pump fitted?

    Problems & Issues
    hi all , just had a high pressure pump fitted on my 2005 cdti crv 2.2 diesel. since then there has been increasing lag on acceleration, goes ok when it hits the turbo but pulling power has been reduced also(changing down for hills), had a full service just a month ago with all filters changed...
  9. Factory Fitted Blue Tooth 2005 Model

    Diesel CR-V
    How do you get your phone to connect to it
  10. Anyone fitted parking sensors to mk2 CRV

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Hello all, I'm looking to buy and fit a parking sensor kit from eBay. However I'm concerned that the rear back wheel on my CRV will be too close to the obvious places to fit the 4 sensors. Has anyone fitted one of these kits and where is the best place the put the 4 sensors so it all works...
  11. CRV 2005 Pioneer AppRadio device fitted - need to resite interface cables

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi All I have recently bought a Pioneer AppRadio4, which the retailer fitted in my 2005 CR-V. It is designed to be used with a Smart Phone - Android or Apple - and has four 'interface' cables that have been routed through to the glove box - two USB, one HDMI and one AUX 3.5mm jack. I would like...
  12. Factory fitted rails

    Can anyone help? I've recently bought some second hand factory fitted roof rails. And was very pleased to find bolts already welded on under the roof gutter blanking strip. Only to find they are not long enough! And one sheard off whilst I was trying to fit them! Is welding the rails on a...
  13. Have you fitted a Parrot MKi9200

    CR-V Owners in Europe
    Hi, Has anyone installed a Parrot MKi9200? Iam in the UK so Iam right hand drive I know how to remove the Radio thanks to this video But I was wondering what's a good position for the parrot unit and what bracket I would need to fit it to the car? I dont really want to screw anything to the...
  14. Can my 2011 CRV SE be fitted with upgraded LIGHTED visor vanity mirrors?

    One feature of my 2011 CRV SE that was a dissapointment was discovering that the front visor vanity mirrors were unlighted...:mad: Any way to upgrade this?:confused:
  15. Fitted Car Cover for an 09 CRV

    Any ideas as to where I can find a form-fitted car cover for an 09 CRV? With the 100-degree days here, I'd like something better than a tree. Marion
  16. '04 Accord V6 Luxury fitted with rims and tyres off an '09 Accord V6 Luxury

    Off Topic Section
    It was time to change the balding tyres on the old man's '04 Accord V6 Luxury, so scored these virtually new rims and tyres off an '09 Accord V6 Luxury. This gives us new tyres with a nice size upgrade from 205 to 225 width, lower profile, and a rim upgrade from 16" to 17". Best of all it's...
  17. Door auto-lock not fitted!

    2007-2011 Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen 3)
    Just bought a new CRV in Venezuela and although the Spanish version instruction book says all versions can be programed for auto-lock after trying about 20 times took it back to the dealer and he says it wasn't fitted on models for sale in Venezuela! Venezuela has the highest incidence of armed...
  18. Fitted some Narva Arctic Blue headlight globes

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    I actually wasn't looking or intending on buying these but I saw them on special at Hypermarket so I thought "why the hell not!". They're not too bad. Very subtle in the blueish appearance, more of a nice white light. It really does seem to illuminate road markings and signs alot...
  19. just fitted new wheels on my 1999 honda

    Under The Hood / Performance
    just put on new wheels 18 inch chrome vaults