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flashing d

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    Hello to all, Love our CRV just not right now. Having SRS issues. Need help with " flashing D service turns into a SRS light" Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. New CRV has been in shop for 6 days

    Problems & Issues
    I posted about this previously. Got a brand new 2011 4wd EX CRV with 100 miles on it about 2 weeks ago. Within approx one week or purchase, the "D" drive light would start to flash while driving. Took it into the dealer's shop, and they've been running diagnoses and tests. The computer code...
  3. Brand New CRV, flashing D

    Problems & Issues
    Hi all, Got a brand new 4wd EX 2011 crv about one week ago, has about 300 miles on it. Love it so far!! For the last 2-3 days the "D" drive light has started flashing while driving. Took it into the dealership to investigate, they said it's some problem relating to the torque convertor, they...