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  1. Radio Lights Flicker

    Problems & Issues
    When lights are turned on and car is running, the Radio Lights flicker on and off. I've had the radio replaces, but problem still exists. Anyone have this problem?
  2. [1996 CRV] Hazard lights flicker when door is open

    Problems & Issues
    Anyone know how to turn this feature off? It's super annoying. When I open the passenger or drivers door, the hazard lights will start making that classic hazard light sound. It goes away after a while, but would prefer to turn it off.
  3. fix gone horribly wrong instrument panel and all dim-able lights flicker gauges dark

    Problems & Issues
    Background: 2003 Honda CR-V 214,000 miles. Runs amazing. I take very very (insane) good care of the vehicle as my family has owned 4 of these and run them into the 300,000+ miles range. I will not be selling this car ever, and will use it until it completely dies. Concern is night time...
  4. 2010 CRV Odometer Fuel Economy Display LCD Issue

    Problems & Issues
    Hello all, I would like to share a couple pictures with you regarding my odometer display. On a cold day, I lose my odometer display. On a warm day, the odometer returns. I undid my negative battery terminal to reset the ECU, but it did not work. Any other ideas are welcome. I know it's not the...
  5. Battery light flicker and belt wear indicator question

    Problems & Issues
    Hi guys, Ive got an 04 CRV with the 2.4L and this evening my battery light flickered while idling, when reved up it went out but came back when at Idle again, car didnt act any differently. I went to a big box parts store and had them check the battery and alternator, they said the alternator...
  6. 2002 CR-V flickering dash gauges & lights

    Problems & Issues
    We just bought a 2002 Honda CR-V EX (4WD auto) a few weeks ago. It's in generally good shape, with lots of dealer service records, but... The dash gauges & lights, the climate control lights, cruise control switch light, and the outside mirror control light all flicker for a couple minutes...
  7. Meter Panel flicker

    Problems & Issues
    Dear friends I have a 2008 CRV. THe meter panel flickers every 20 secs. When the AC is on the AC relay inside the engine clicks with the same flicker. I diagnosed it with my own 2 sense. The meter panel power goes off every time this happens. So it resets. THe power break imppacts the...
  8. Dashboard lights flicker

    Problems & Issues
    My 2002 CRV's dashboard lights & gauges flicker I would say 60% of the time while I'm driving. When this first started a couple years ago, it only seemed to do it in cold weather about 40 degrees F or below (I'm from MN), but nowadays it does it year round. It seems like there is a short in...
  9. 1998 CRV Headlights/Instrument Panel Flickering with idle during Park and Drive.

    Problems & Issues
    I've done a long laundry list of work on my Honda CRV. In the pass month, I've had.... valve job/re-seating of valves/new sleeves in intake side valve adjustment to full spec. new fuel filter new alternator new thermostat new air change sensor new belts new seals cleaned iac adj idle new...