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  1. '06 CR V flooded, won't start unless gas pedal to floor

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    Problem occurs hot or cold. 82000 miles. If I try to start the car normally, without touching the gas pedal, it cranks, but won't start. I can only get then get it to start if I remove and dry out the very wet spark plugs and keep gas pedal to floor when cranking. So it's getting gas (maybe too...
  2. Flooding in Australia again

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    First Brisbane, now Sydney... :roll:
  3. Cranks, Timing right, Compression good. TOO MUCH GAS!!! FLOODING??

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    2001 2.0 fwd AT I started out by replacing cap, rotor, plugs, wires. The rotor came loose and caused some damage. Figured it was a good time to do timing belt (126,000) everything lined up great cranked over... NOTHING. Coil was weak so i replace it too, after i tested plugs. spark timing was...