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floor mat

  1. Inexpensive (Universal) Floor Mats and Seat Covers for 2005 (2nd gen) CR-V

    Hi CR-V|OC, I know questions regarding accessories are often asked, but I can't find any good answers for someone on a budget, so I figured I would post. I just bought a 2005 CR-V and am looking for suggestions on inexpensive floor mats and seat covers. I don't need anything as nice as...
  2. 2012 CR-V EXL AWD Floor Mats

    Problems & Issues
    Purchased a 2012 CRV-EXL AWD in April 2012. When washing the car for the first time..noticed the drivers floor mat was wore out at the bottom of the accelerator where your heel sits at 997 miles. Contacted Honda Corp Customer Service, I was told the mat was not covered for wear even at a 997...
  3. how to clean carpet

    Recently got my Ex-L and love it, but man is the carpet hard to clean!! It seems to have a velcro-ish quality to it that makes hair and dirt stick to the carpet. The only thing that really works is unfastening the whole mat (pain!) and taking it out so I can use the carpet beater attachment...