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  1. Accessories
    Tired of my cloth mats getting muddy and stinky! any specific all-weather floormats that fits a gen 4 crv well? Thanks yall
  2. Accessories
    Please select the floor mats in your CR-V regardless of year. Comments welcome.
  3. Gen 5: 2017-2022 (UK 2018-2023) CR-V
    Well winter is now with us and we've had a few snows. The CRV mats that I picked up from College Hills in the spring just don't seem to have enough coverage now that there is salt and snow on the floor. I have Tuxmat's in my Golf R and they cover almost every inch of carpeting and I was...
  4. Accessories
    When I purchased my new 2002 CR-V EX, I purchased OEM all-weather floor mats online from a Honda dealership somewhere in California. The price was excellent! Tomorrow I am purchasing a new 2014 CR-V EX-L AWD...I want another set of OEM all-weather floormats. Can anybody here recommend a place...
  5. Accessories
    Just bought a 2005 CRV Ex, tan/beige in color. I need floormats but don't want to pay $300 to $400 for them. I would like OEM, but would settle for high quality after market mats. Any ideas?
  6. Accessories
    Is anyone else having trouble with their floormats not staying put? We have a 2011 SE and I've learned to jam the heel of my foot as close to the gas pedal as I can, getting in. This gets me the knee-room I need to be able to bring my right knee between the seat and the wheel, which is all of...
  7. Accessories
    Hey Guys I have to make this a quick and dirty post as I am running late for a lunch. I just recieved my Weathertech All Weather floormats these are labeled W59 and I am disappointed, they leave a big gap along the door sills, they aren't one piece and if I actually fit them together fully as...
  8. Accessories
    I have been looking for suggestions on the best front seat covers for my 2011 CRV ( Waterproof Neoprene preferred) that will actually stay on and easily install. The ones I got from the dealer were crap.:mad: Also looking for a good set of waterproof floormats... the Honda bed mat is...
  9. Trading Area
    Traded in my CR-V for a Ridgeline, took the mats out before the V went to the dealer. WeatherTech DigitalFit floormats for Gen 3 CR-V Mats are in great shape, have both the front and back row in Grey. $100 OBO, for the set, please PM me for pictures or questions. I will try to get some...
  10. Accessories
    Just bought a 99 with A/T and I'm missing the drivers side floor mat in gray. Anyone have one they want to part with? Thanks.
  11. Accessories
    I just wanted to recommend some floormats I purchased for my 2006 EX a few months ago. I got them at Lloyd's Mats in the brown color. They're rubberized with holes that capture liquid and sand. You just spray them out like the CR-V cargo mats. Easy! Lloyds sent them pre-cut to fit. I think...
  12. Accessories
    Recently sought to replace my carpeted OEM floormats, only to discover that mats for 1st-gen 5-speed models have been "discontinued." ("Sold-out" is more accurate, as Honda apparently did a one-time order of them based on how many MTs it expected to sell. As 5-speed models account for perhaps 2%...
1-12 of 12 Results