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  1. THIS is why I don't buy Ford products

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    My better half's dad had an incident with his two year old Escape with 27,000-ish miles on it. Engine started running bad while driving home from a nursing home visit. Engine quits. Has it towed to the dealer, and finds out that the engine seized up since they found coolant and oil had...
  2. 2016 Ford Explorer vs 2016 Honda Pilot

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  3. Ford Moving to Honda and AC Fan Speed

    Problems & Issues
    For many years drove Ford products and now have a 2014 CRV, The question is AC Fan Speed. With the Ford products with the AC Fan on high and recycle air mode it appears the Fords moved much more air than the Honda. Have the EX-L Nav with auto temp control and what is the best way to determine...
  4. 2013 Ford Escape First Drive - Video

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    Read the complete 2013 Ford Escape Review and watch the video at
  5. Honda CR-V vs Ford Edge Performance Question

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    Greetings all, I drive an '06 F-150, and the mpg is too terrible to continute to live with. I am looking at trading down to a Crossover-class, and have gradually eliminated everything except the CR-V and the Ford Edge. My concern with the CR-V is that I have read reviews that say it is...
  6. 2013 Ford Escape Gets Stylish Look, Turbo Engines

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  7. Ford Bullitt Wheels on Gen 1

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    This is my first post, so let me thank you for all that you've already shared while I was lurking. I have a high mileage Gen 1 and love it, but am looking to spruce him up a bit on the cheap. It appears to me after looking at the Discount Tire site that 17x 8 Ford Bullitt wheels with 225/50...
  8. CRV or Ford Kuga

    Shopping & Test Driving
    Have been to test drive a Ford Kuga and really liked it. My friend just took delivery of his Honda CRV 2.2 diesel ES model car and it looks really nice. I am now thinking about test drving and maybe buying one if i like it. Can anyone convince me why i should buy the CRV or offer any advice...
  9. 2008 Ford Escape: A solid, if uninspiring, compact SUV [3.1.8]

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    Click here to read the entire review from By Joe Weisenfelder,
  10. Honda CR-V Replaces Ford Explorer as Best-Selling Utility Vehicle [5.14.7]

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  11. Honda CR-V, Subaru Forester & Ford Territory Photoshoot

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    SUV Represent!!