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  1. I Hate the New Quote format

    Website & Platform Help
    I noticed a few days ago that the Quotes for replies have been changed from a very noticeable box to this new minalmalistic " system. It makes it very very hard to tell the Quote from the reply. I don't know if someone thought that different would be better but it is just so much worst. I am...
  2. How to format USB music for Honda Audio System on an Apple/Mac

    Mobile Electronics
    How to Easily Convert Your CDs to USB for Apple Users -- Gets rid of unplayable files. If you have tried to use your USB flash drive on your audio system, because there is no more CD player, and had a hard time because of unplayable files, read this solution. If you already have your MP3s on a...
  3. 2016 CR-V EX-L: What format for thumb drive audio?

    Mobile Electronics
    I've seen some older posts on this subject, but I though maybe the specs for the entertainment system have changed. I just leased an Ex-L. I've been able to connect my iPod classic to the USB port, and it works pretty well. The music is all ACC. But I have a bunch of extra 500gb portable hard...
  4. 2015 CRV USB memory drive format

    Mobile Electronics
    I did a quick search in the forums and didn't see a recent answer on this. So in the off chance it might help someone in the future: in my 2015 CRV Touring (with Navigation) an 8GB memory stick formatted in NTFS format did not work. Plugging in the memory stick had no effect on the audio...
  5. PCMCIA mp3 format

    Mobile Electronics
    I have an 07 crv and been playing around with the PCMCIA card and a 2gb compact flash card. I found it kept crashing the sat nav when I added mp3 file which were 320kbps. But it seemed to play a few smaller 128kbps mp3 tracks. The manual seems to suggest it should play the larger files. It is...
  6. 1999 CR-V what format for Cd music? It wont play MP3

    Mobile Electronics
    I have some CD's that I burned and they play fine on my computer. They are in MP3 format. They wont play in the car??? Other store bought music plays fine. Maybe they are copied to a CD in DATA form and Not audio and it makes difference? As I said.. plays fine on my computers