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  1. Air Filters: OEM vs Third Parties

    Under The Hood / Performance
    Hey guys, I am contemplating on whether to buy a OEM or a third party air filter for my V 03. The OEM costs $25 The third party ones: Fram: $12.50 Wix: $14.00...
  2. my wife got fram oil filter from a 2001 for my 2003 crv-can i use it?

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, my wife accidently got a fram oil filter for a 1999-2001 crv and I have a 2003 crv...the gasket is same size and threads are the same...the outer shell of the older gasket style is a bit wider than the newer one... the relief valve psi is 12 on this one compared to 13 on the newer style...Is...
  3. Fram Oil Filter Rebate

    Maintenance and Service It is a $2 mail-in rebate for the Fram Ultimate Synthetic Oil Filter and for some other models. Limit is $2/household. I know many hate all Fram products, but some others may be interested. The Fram Ultimate Synthetic oil filter is highly rated at the...
  4. Comparison of Honda's A02 filter and Fram's Tough Guard 7317

    Maintenance and Service
    As has been discussed here and elsewhere many times, Honda has two oil filter suppliers, Filtech, which manufactures the A01 filter (Honda part # 15400-PLM-A01) and Fram (now part of an Australian Corporation, the Rank Group) which supplies the A02. Each has its supporters and pundits, though...
  5. Warning: Do not use Fram oil filters

    Maintenance and Service
    In case anyone did not already know, Fram filters are notorious for their shoddy quality, have had multiple recalls, are among the worst at actual filtering (when they don't fly apart and ruin a motor), and yet they still sell all the time. I don't know how many cars I've seen with that sickly...
  6. Fram sure drain

    Maintenance and Service
    Anyone using this? I had it on my civic and really liked it. Is the correct size for an 08 CRV SD-2?
  7. fram oil filter

    Maintenance and Service
    I know this has been discussed before about the Honda oem oil filter being a rebadged fram, I didn't make a big deal of it and continued to use it. If its OK for Honda I should be just fine. Today my neighbor changed his oil and his FRAM filter just exploded and spewed oil everywhere. I most...
  8. FRAM Extended Guard XG7317 oil filter

    Maintenance and Service
    Hi, I recently installed one of those FRAM Extended Guard filters on my 2003 CR-V EX and was wondering if others have used them and what they thought of them.