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  1. License Plate Frame

    I just bought this for $15.99 shipping included. What do yall think? It's cheap compared to other places which sells it for $25 not including shipping yet.
  2. 2008 how to install front plate frame

    i need help understanding how to install the front plate frame on my 2008 crv can someone please help?
  3. Silver Door Frame on 05 models

    Hi, Im in the UK and have just bought an 05 CRV Executive, which I have just tinted and adding running boards to. However, I've noticed that some Executive Privacy models have silver centre door frames. I think they look great, and was wondering as to whether its something that can be added...
  4. door frame.. is it vinyl?

    Ok just a quick question, you know the black around the door frame, just wondering if that's vinyl or not... on my xb i had vinyl around the door frame and removed it and exposed the door paint. even though if it is vinyl it is black I would much prefer the shiny paint rather then the vinyl...