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  1. 2001 hesisation/misfire after freeway

    Problems & Issues
    After a freeway drive of 60+, while sitting at the traffic light i will have a small misfire/hesitation, only at that time the car will shake either once or multiple times, once i move again the car is fine but while sitting after a freeway drive after a short amount of time it will happen, im...
  2. 2013 oil consumption issues and died on freeway

    Problems & Issues
    Hi Everyone, looking for some guidance. My wife has a 2013 CR-V EX-L. It has been using oil to the point where the dealer had initiated an oil consumption test. It rattled a bit upon acceleration (sounded like valves to my untrained ears), when the oil was low. Now, on Friday my wife was...
  3. 2012 EXL improved steering at freeway speeds

    Problems & Issues
    My 2012 EX-l steering is much improved (no wander) by reducing front tire pressure to 28 psi (cold) and rear 30 psi; 1 or 2 people with or without medium cargo........... Not enough miles to show tire wear effects yet............but it works for me!! Just did 240 mile freeway trip and no...
  4. 1997 CR-V (Automatic) died on a freeway, and does not start at all (but turns over)

    Problems & Issues
    Been running fine for years until today. I was going at a constant 70 mph for about 10 min today on the freeway, until all of a sudden the rpms dropped, the accelerator pedal is unresponsive, and it just came to a stop. Been trying to restart it all day, but it never restarted. Always do ALL my...
  5. 99 CRV, Died on freeway and hasn't started since

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, I scoured these forums for hours and couldn't find anything exactly like my problem, so here goes. The CRV died on the freeway 3 nights ago while doing about 70mph. No symptoms whatsoever leading up to this. The car has roughly 80k miles on it. The engine simply died, went off like a light...