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  1. a/c not freezing in the driver's side / dual zone problema?

    Maintenance and Service
    Good evening! This week my car was stopped and when I went out with him this morning I noticed that the air conditioning is not freezing in the outputs of the driver's side, the outputs of the ride is very cold . I think the problem has dual zone . Any suggestions of what might be ? It is...
  2. Howdy from freezing eastern PA

    Greetings & Introductions
    Long-time Honda fan, just got a new SUV for the first time. We currently have a 2000 Civic CX hatch, a 2006 Civic EX coupe, a 1993 Goldwing S/E, a 1995 CB1000F, a 2004 Shadow Sabre 1100, and Honda-powered pressure washer, and log splitter. Bought the Wife a leftover '15 model a couple months...
  3. Freezing to death

    Dear Honda: (Feedback Forum)
    I have a 2015 CR V that I bought last July and in all respects it exceeded my expectations. That is until the prairies winter set in and the temperature dropped. It was purchased with a remote start for the very purpose of warming up the vehicle, but after 20 minutes the temp guage doesn’t move...
  4. Multi Information Display Freezing

    Problems & Issues
    Hello Offlate in my 2012 CRV, after I try a voice tag call, the MID is Freezing. After this happens, the radio, dvd or AUX- nothing works. I have to stop the car, switch off the ignition, wait a few minutes and then start the car again- then things are back to normal. Have you experienced...
  5. Windshield nozzles freezing

    Problems & Issues
    This seems to be a common problem with the CR-Vs, so likely to be a design flaw of some sort. It is absolutely NOT the placement of the tank. The liquid itself is good down to the temp rating stated on the bottle. Note that other cars don't have this problem even when the engine compartment...
  6. Wiper Blade Freezing

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    First off I would like to apologize if this question has been answered elsewhere in the forum. I searched and couldn't find an answer. I recently purchased a 2011 CR-V EX, specifically as a winter driver to handle the massive snow we receive in Atlantic Canada. It's beyond great in the snow...
  7. 2013 CR-V: Rotary noise in back of engine upon starting in below freezing temps

    Problems & Issues
    This "grinding" noise was reported for a 2012 CR-V at the following link:"] Conditions in which the rotary noise (think a rotary fan) occurs: 1. Garaged and not driven for over 24...
  8. Windshield washer nozzle freezing

    Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone has had an issue with their fourth generation V's washer nozzles freezing? Mine froze yesterday, the temperature was about 20 in eastern PA. The rear washer worked, not the front. A couple of hours in the garage and everything was fine. Thanks in advance!
  9. 04 crv awd, rear disc brakes freezing

    Problems & Issues
    Does anyone know if there is a fix to keep the rear disc brakes on an 04 awd crv from freezing and making noises. My friends have been putting up with it for quite some time. Here in maine every winter is an issue. any help would be great, i was thinking about aftermarket plastic brake...
  10. Below freezing temp and rf windshield wiper skips across windshield: Solutions?

    Problems & Issues
    The same thing happened last year on my 2008 CR-V. Whenever the outside temperature gets to 32 degrees F , or below, the right windshield wiper starts to skid over the front windshield making it hard to see. This is annoying as it is only the right wiper. Any solutions? :confused:
  11. 2008 CR-V Ex-L wiper motor broken in freezing Canada

    Problems & Issues
    2 days ago, weather was -10 C in Toronto, Canada (Today is -20c). My wife just parked at the office parking lot, when leaving home from work. The wiper was frozen and could not work. Next morning after thaw inside covered garage, by starting the CR-V Ex-L, the wiper wiping non-stop for 20 mins...
  12. 2008 CR-V EX windshield wipers freezing up

    Problems & Issues
    Very happy with our 2008 EX AWD so far, EXCEPT for the windshield wipers! Just had our first snow storm with 1 foot plus and temps around 10 degrees F. The windshield wipers kept freezing up with ice build-up, and were ineffective in keeping the windshield clean. Had to pull over twice to...
  13. Door window seals leaking water and then freezing window operations?!

    Problems & Issues
    Hey all, I have a 01 V and i have noticed that when it has rained or i have moisture on my windows the next morning when its below freezing i can not unlock my drivers door or put the window down. I have to use the key to unlock the passengers side and crawl across to get in. Does anyone have...