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  1. Can barely use this website. Sure frustrated. so complicated.

    Website & Platform Help
    Oh wow. Okay. needs to be 10 letters. Might be nice to SIMPLIFY HOW TO EVEN USE YOUR WEBSITE. Have no idea what a "track back"... Jeez. I just want some help, answers and feedback about my older CRV.
  2. Frustrated 2014 crv oil filter cover missing

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 (UK 2012-2017) CR-V
    Hey everyone here's my first post. My wife and I like our recent 2014 crv purchase but upon doing my first oil change found that the metal cover for the oil filter was missing. I've tried to find the part online but the diagrams kinda stink and want to make sure I'm ordering the shield and...
  3. Anti-theft device stopping car from starting

    Problems & Issues
    I recently went on vacation and let my roommate use my car to go to work while I was gone. He drove it several days, then called me and said that the car wouldn't start and an alarm was going off when he tried to start it. I'm back now and noticed a red light blinking over the radio. I've...
  4. Extremely uncomfortable seats - very frustrated and in pain

    Dear Honda:
    is there anything in the works to change the seats on the CRV for that on all the Honda cars? I called American Honda the other day. i'm trying everything i can think of right now to figure out the right combination of cushions but have yet to find a solution. I love the car otherwise - can...
  5. TPMS - So Frustrated

    Problems & Issues
    Maybe someone here can help me. My TPMS system light came on about 2 months ago. I've read some threads here about and see an iPhone might affect it. Also that changing tires might as well. Both happened around 2 months ago. I've had the car in twice to the dealer to fix it. The first time...
  6. Frustrated

    Problems & Issues
    :mad: I have an 08 CRV EXL with 12k miles. The TPMS light comes on after 20 minutes of highway driving. (Not the tire pressure light although I had one dealer tell me it was the same thing) - It's not! I have brought my car back to the dealer 5 times already. They cannot figure out what is...