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  1. over fueling error message

    Problems & Issues
    Just had cam belt replaced after it broke, before that I changed fuel filter, dizzy cap, coil and plugs. now the garage said the engine management light has come on with over fueling warning, it's a 2001 CR-V Petrol. they are unsure of this as everything is set up correct. I have used this...
  2. Strange fueling problem - pump shuts off every few seconds

    Maintenance and Service
    OK, first off - CR-V has only been mine for a few days, so I can't say whether it was "topped off" often in its past or not. I've searched online, and it seems other people with a similar issue get asked that a lot. Here's the deal. I got the CR-V and this issue was disclosed and I...
  3. Ohio production fueling honda's future

    Dear Honda:
    Source: Can the automaker's flexibility allow it to grow again despite recent record losses? Sunday, June 27, 2010 06:37 AM By Dan Gearino THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH The revamped Acura TL, a...
  4. 04 wont start after fueling up

    Problems & Issues
    back in Feb, I had a check engine light for P1457 error code. after 2 starts later that day the check engine light goes away, have never seen it since. a week after the light came and gone, anytime I go to fill up on gas, the car will not start normally, I have to apply gas when starting the...
  5. trouble restarting after fueling

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 2004 CRV. After refueling, it has trouble starting and stalls and sputters unless gas is applied. Once running for 10-15 seconds, runs great until next time gas cap is removed to refuel. Dealer diagnosed and codes pointed to vapor recovery system, canister and switches, etc replaced...