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  1. How many clicks of parking brake to fully engage?

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 CR-V
    How many clicks does it take you to fully engage the parking brake so that if you were to park on a fairly steep incline the car wont roll back if you shift to neutral?
  2. Proof gen 2 is FULLY Capable for its class

    Off The Beaten Path
    Gen 2 CRVS are more capable than so many want to admit. 14+ inches of heavy snow on top of 1" of sleet/ice. 50% Tread cooper Discoverer AT3s. CRV 9 points, mother nature 0, and local police threw in the towel even with newer full size SUVs. First pushed out of 12" out of my slight up hill...
  3. 2018 CRV humming sounds after fully warmed up

    Problems & Issues
    Got the car end of 2017, 3500 miles now, 2018 touring. Car is drive fine and quiet all the way until it fully warmed up (Keep driving for a while after water temperature reach the middle bar), I can heard very strange humming sounds inside the car, a high pitch sound, from the front, as from...
  4. Free dealership oil changes synthetic blend or fully synthetic?

    Maintenance and Service
    Does my wife's 2015 take the 0w20 synthetic blend or fully synthetic? We have been taking advantage of the free dealership oil changes, and I attempted to purchase a couple quarts from the dealership, and I was given conflicting information on which one the car takes. The parts counter guy...
  5. Clutch Peddle wont disengage fully. Please Help me!

    Problems & Issues
    I recently had my clutch master cylinder replaced due to it not working. The old one had blown and leaked all of the fluid out. I have been driving it about a week and a half and now my cluch peddle wont fully disengage. I can go into gears fine but like the last 3 inches of the cluch movement...
  6. Hood latch out of position, hood won't close fully

    Problems & Issues
    Hi all, happy new year! I rung in the new year with a hood that won't close fully. I was jacking up the front of a 2002 CRV to service the brakes when the jack slipped off the jacking point and lodged on the belly pan (think that's the correct term). I believe this sudden impact with the weight...
  7. StreetMechaniX PMM 14... fully loaded LX Nontech

    Greetings & Introductions
    StreetMechaniX PMM 14... fully loaded [by me that is] LX Nontech Purchased a polished metal metallic 2014 LX June 25th. Replacing my 2007 Honda Pilot EX-L Res. Fully loaded non tech: let me explain. I hate factory nav, google maps is better than sliced bread. And a sunroof is a rather non used...
  8. COMMA 5--30 Fully Synthetic

    Diesel CR-V
    Im a little unsure of this oil suitability ,, for my 05 CRV 2.2 cdti there is a lot of confusing info ,, the auto part store said COMMA 5--30 Fully Synthetic is ideal ,,,,,, But when i checked a COMMA list it said the company had no oil for this engine at this time ??? Any ones help...
  9. 2011 CRV Tailgate gas pistons not opening the tailgate fully.

    Problems & Issues
    Hi Everyone, My tailgate doesn't open fully and I have to push it fully open by hand. This gets pretty annoying especially after hitting your head a few times on the partially open tailgate. Would this be covered by warranty as the vehicle only has 58 000 km? Does anyone have any tips to...
  10. wow! 2nd gen fully blacked out :D

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    so i finally finished the blackout on my 02. everythig was DIY and im very happy with the way everything turned out. here are some pics of everything i have done :). tinted front windows to match, black head light houseings, black rims, black grill and emblems, carbon wrapped the hood(looks...
  11. '09 w/ Navi dvd door don't close fully

    Problems & Issues
    '09 w/ Navi fold screen won't close fully My 2009 w/ Navi fold screen won't close all the way. I went in the car and saw it not fully closed so I pressed opened, it opened. I press closed it closed but then it comes forward a bit. The "no rest cups message on the door" is displayed. I...
  12. Honda ow-20 Fully Synthetic or not?

    Maintenance and Service
    Hello, Does anyone know if the Honda brand ow-20 oil is fully synthetic or is it a blend?
  13. 2009 CRV fully synthetic oil change

    Maintenance and Service
    Hey guys, I just did an oil change on my '09 CRV with the Mobil 1 full synthetic oil. However, I forgot what brand of oil filters are good, so I just put in a OEM filter. Could you guys please suggest the best oil filters out there? Also, what's the BEST type of oil I can get? Is there...
  14. Fully Slammed 1st Gen

    Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    ok hi everyone, im an owner of a 98 v. i got her about a year and a half ago and ive done alot. This is what she looked like when i first got her. I did a couple things intake and whatnot, then i realized that i wanted to go lower so i cut my springs a coil for a 2in drop. I got some tints...
  15. Higher tyre presure when fully loaded at back

    Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    My UK 2006 (2nd Gen) CR-V shows normal tyre pressures (front and rear) and higher pressures when pulling a trailer. This is according to the picture in the door jamb. I use Bridgestone Duellers. Seems clear enough but I am beginning to wonder whether this to be taken literally, ie do I not...
  16. 04 Honda CRV EX E-Brake Not Released Fully

    Problems & Issues
    one winter i parked up my driveway and used my ebrake, when i went home that night, it seems the rear driver side brakes didn't release all the way. The brakes were cleary still slightly clamped on as it the ebrake was still pulled. I have no idea how this happened, prob due to the fact that...