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  1. Issue with Fumoto Valve and Dealership

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    Yesterday I took the wife's 08 V in for tranny maintenance. It's cold here, and for 60 bucks, it was worth having them do it. Anyway, it is due for an oil change as well. The dealership offered to do the oil change (29.99) and as I looked outside and watched it snow, told them to do it...
  2. Fumoto Qwik Valve for Oil changes...

    Maintenance and Service
    I am about to attempt my 1st oil change soon and was wondering about getting one of these Fumoto Qwik Valves . Apparently its suppose to be way easier to drain the oil and eliminate the need to replace crush washers and torque them down all the time. Any ideas or experience with these ?? Thanks !
  3. Fumoto valve

    Maintenance and Service
    Read some threads on other forum sites about merits of using Fumoto valve. Fumoto valve is stainless steel ball valve inside brass body. Ball valve turned 90 degrees open/closed using locking lever. Locking lever seems secure, but attached 5/8" clip ring to keep lever in locked position...
  4. Fumoto drain valve

    Maintenance and Service
    I searched but all I found was some older threads. I want to put a fumoto valve on my V when I do the first oil change. I know it takes the F-106 but does anyone know if I would need one of the adaptors?
  5. Fumoto Drain Valve?

    Maintenance and Service
    I have an 08 CR-V and was wondering if anyone has used the Fumoto(sp) oil drain valve? My worry is that the lever will somehow open and dump my oil.
  6. Fumoto Valves

    Maintenance and Service
    I'm interested in purchasing the Fumoto valve for my '07 CR-V and I have some questions: Can I use the F-106 valve with the nipple (F-106N)? If not, is it possible to attach the draining hose to one without a nipple? Do I need an adapter? I don't believe the CR-V requires this but just wanted...
  7. Fumoto Drain Valves

    Website & Platform Help
    Happy new year everyone! I'm happy to announce that lots of great things will be happening around here in 2008. One of those is that I will be a distributor for Fumoto drain valves. I hope to have them available for purchase in mid-January. I'll keep you posted. As with any purchases through...