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  4. Off The Beaten Path
    So, I had to wait til I made Eagle before I got my license. I am 17, and have been mudding multiple times. Would you recommend mudding in a CR-V? I have a stock '98 CR-V. What changes should I make. SOME ONE HELP ME :eek:
  5. Greetings & Introductions
    Hey y'all -- just wanted to introduce myself. I'm the happy new owner of a previously enjoyed (and mostly well cared for) 1999 CR-V EX. She's green (not sure of the exact name) and body and interior wise is in great shape. 140,000 miles and change; the purchase price was $5500. A good chunk of...
  6. Midwest & Heartland Owners
    I regularly visit the EOC as well as this site and have a few friends over there and we are getting together later this month. As of now, I think I'll be the only CR-V in attendance. Anyone else feel like showin' up for a good time? Here is the link ot the information on the EOC. Come on out, I...