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  1. engine oil leaked from crankcase pan gasket

    1996-2001 Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen 1)
    My crv has been leak oil from engine crankcase pan gasket. So I renewed rubber gasket. Although it was still leaked from near gear box side. I doubt oil was from main crank shaft seal. If leakage from there renewal of this seal may be difficult. What should I do?
  2. proper gasket sealants?

    Under The Hood / Performance
    Getting ready to set the camshafts into the new head on my CRV. It specifies using HondaBond sealant on the cam holders, but I don't have HondaBond....I have Permatex high temp RTV this ok to use?
  3. 98 Oil Pan Gasket Replacement - Can It Be Done Without Removing Engine??

    Maintenance and Service
    My 98 has a leaky oil pan gasket and I'm wondering if someone on here can tell me if I can replace it without removing the engine? I bought a shop manual on eBay for $40 and it's been worth every penny as I've replaced the timing belt, water pump, all cv boots have been replaced, front outer cv...
  4. Oil leaking after valve adjustment/valve cover gasket Gen1 :(

    Under The Hood / Performance
    I had my valves adjusted Monday as well as valve cover gasket replaced. Mechanics didn't say anything about the engine leaking. By Tuesday I was smelling hot chemical during my evening drive, when idle at stoplights. Thought it might have been the fixative they used on the VCG or maybe a dribble...
  5. Intake Manifold Removal, New Gasket Required??

    Problems & Issues
    I am planning on removing the intake manifold to replace the IMRC assembly and was wondering if a new intake manifold gasket and bolts are required when I take the intake manifold off?
  6. 2002 EX - Mechanic says the valve cover gasket leaks and possibly the Vtec Selenoid

    Maintenance and Service
    Honda CRV EX, 2002, the car has 46,xxx original miles, we are the original owners, it is about 13 years old. I took my car in to this independent garage for a transmission fluid change today. While the car was on the lift he pointed to some areas with traces of oil. He traced the origin of...
  7. Changing oil pan gasket

    Problems & Issues
    Is this a hard job to do? My crv was up on a lift today and there was oil seeping out of the gasket. The mechanic quoted me 200.00 to do the job was wondering if that sounds fair? Thanks
  8. 2004 honda crv oil pan gasket

    Problems & Issues
    I am trying to replace the oil pan gasket on my 2004 crv. I have all the bolts out and the pan free just cant get the pan out. Any tips would be excellent thanks
  9. 98 honda crv just did head gasket

    Problems & Issues
    when I set the ignition timing the distributor is not dead center but its not all the way to one side either. is this normal? thanks for the help.
  10. blown head gasket

    Problems & Issues
    Had a blowout between 1&2... Any recommendations for a good brand of gasket? I also figured I'd change the bolts. Maybe studs? I also had a couple of the small bolts that retain the cam caps break off while loosening :p Any advise would be most welcome! I'm a pretty experienced mechanic but...
  11. Head Gasket

    Problems & Issues
    Looks like she overheated it once to often, now getting bubbles from the cooling system constantly.have bled system with no spill kit, bubbles never stop coming out. Ay tricks to this repair or do I just I've up and send o a dealer. Thanks
  12. Lost all engine oil faulty gasket

    Problems & Issues
    Love my 2012 crv. It is my 5th honda purchase. However not happy with warranty. My car has15000 miles, all engine oil leaked out on my garage floor. No warning lights came on oil or engine. Warranty covered repair of defective valve cover gasket. However, I had to pay $ 160 for towing to...
  13. Another oil pan gasket question

    Problems & Issues
    So I replaced my oil pan gasket after reading many threads (still leaking...worse). I'm not quite sure what those 2 little metal rings are that were embedded in the old gasket on the 2 most inboard studs (which is where the leak is) The new gasket doesn't come with them, but you can see a...
  14. 1998 2.0L CRV Head Gasket Issues

    Problems & Issues
    Good Day Everyone, my parents just bought a 1998 CRV and it's looking like it could be a lemon. Let me give you a brief run down on what's going on with the car. When they first got the CRV it overheated on them which clued us in to the fact that it was losing coolant somewhere. After some...
  15. Anyone have a rear chrome EX trim piece above the license plate gasket issue?

    Problems & Issues
    This morning while washing I noticed the rear chrome EX trim piece above the license plate black gasket is coming out about in about 3"-4" strips in two places on the bottom.:(
  16. DIY Valve adjustment (2007 CRV) with gasket replacement

    Problems & Issues
    I apologize for not having pictures all the way through, but I do have pictures documenting the most difficult parts Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any damage to your vehicle, yourself, or anything else. I assume no responsibility for your actions or improper repair procedures, whether...
  17. 2000 CRV exhaust B-pipe flange failed -- need gasket?

    Maintenance and Service
    At the end of August 2012 the flange on the end of the B-pipe rusted off, and the muffler swung down, though fortunately doesn't touch the ground and didn't break the bottom of the bumper. It's sorta odd that the B-pipe flange fails before the pipe rusts through. At first I was going to go get...
  18. Rear door (tailgate) gasket leak

    Maintenance and Service
    Phew! I had a time finding where to post! I hope someone can direct me to a youtube video (or some other place), on how to remove and install the rear door (tailgate?) on my '04 CR-V. It's leaking when it rains or is washed. Thank you kindly, Mace
  19. Head Gasket replacement - Looking for advice

    Problems & Issues
    Have a 2000 CR-V with 163K. On a cold engine compression is 180+ across all 4 and leak down is good @93 on all 4. When it warms up and the thermostat opens lots of coolant enters the cylinders and comes out like a steam train. I have the means to replace the Head Gasket, just looking for: 1...
  20. Reasonable trade-in value for 1997 CR-V with blown head gasket?

    Shoppin' and Test Drivin'
    1997 CR-V with about 180k miles recently overheated when thermostat croaked. Replaced thermostat, but coolant continued to drip from engine. Auto shop said the head gasket needs to be replaced ... to the tune of about $1,800. Rather put that $$ into a new (used, actually ... but new to me) car...