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  1. Dash gauges going crazy on my 06 crv

    Problems & Issues
    Help! tachometer started shaking and making noise last summer. Lasted about half minute and then 'maintenance reqd' lights up. I bring the lemon in to my mechanic and he resets the display, tells me the code means CCT board communication lost, and concludes with him not being able to do...
  2. Difficult to see water temperature and fuel gauges in bright light

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    Sick of the poor legibility of the water temperature and fuel gauges during the day. I can’t believe that Honda didn’t correct this prior to going into production. Things are much better with this design on the Civic Type R by using red LEDs.
  3. fix gone horribly wrong instrument panel and all dim-able lights flicker gauges dark

    Problems & Issues
    Background: 2003 Honda CR-V 214,000 miles. Runs amazing. I take very very (insane) good care of the vehicle as my family has owned 4 of these and run them into the 300,000+ miles range. I will not be selling this car ever, and will use it until it completely dies. Concern is night time...
  4. 1998 CR-V Shift Lock and Gauges not working

    Problems & Issues
    On Monday (Sept 18), I discovered a set of disturbing issues with my 1998 CR-V LX: 1 - Shift Lock does not disengage when pressing the brake. I have to use the manual Shift-Lock release. 2 - Instrument panel gauges do not work. I do get the battery/charging indicator, turn signals, and high...
  5. [2007 Honda CRV] Low fuel gauge light stays on & the fuel level indicator won't reset

    Problems & Issues
    [2007 Honda CRV] Low fuel gauge light stays on & the fuel level indicator won't reset Hey guys - I am brand new to the CRV Forum and have only had my CRV for less than a year. So far I have been loving it. Here is my 2007 Honda CRV EX-L w/Nav: Here's my issue: The low fuel gauge came on...
  6. 2002 CR-V flickering dash gauges & lights

    Problems & Issues
    We just bought a 2002 Honda CR-V EX (4WD auto) a few weeks ago. It's in generally good shape, with lots of dealer service records, but... The dash gauges & lights, the climate control lights, cruise control switch light, and the outside mirror control light all flicker for a couple minutes...
  7. Can't get car out of park, no dash lights or gauges

    Problems & Issues
    Please, desperate for some help! My wifes 99 CRV started having problems with the door locks. In the process, I found many broken wires in the wire loom between the dash and the drivers door. I fixed all the wires and locks and everthing associated with that wire loom works. Problem is that...
  8. Any idea what caused this electrical issue?? Failing gauges

    Maintenance and Service
    I have an '05 CRV, 99,000 miles. On my ride home last night, my tachometer, rpm and gas gauges all dropped to the low end of their scale, and my speedometer froze at 75 mph. Stopped for gas, turned car off and back on - still no working gauges. I was thinking 'blown fuse'. This morning I got...
  9. issues with gauges

    Problems & Issues
    on 02 I hear a beep then all gauges speedometer odometer gas etc go dead then in a couple seconds they come right back ex gas it takes long time. this happens intermittently sometimes just the gas gauge ????? help
  10. Dead Moth Inside with Gauges

    Problems & Issues
    Help...I have a dead moth inside my gauge display casing (under the glass). Is there any way to get to this to remove it? It is driving me nuts! I have a 2000 CRV. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks :)
  11. gauges are lit,, needles are not. whats up?

    Problems & Issues
    i am new so don't laugh at the question , i know its probably the umtenth time its been ask. but here goes. i (we) have a 97 crv 261,000 just have installed the 2nd engine (these things are built like a tank). rarely do i get to drive it a night but i did last nite and noticed the gauges were...
  12. Dashboard lights flicker

    Problems & Issues
    My 2002 CRV's dashboard lights & gauges flicker I would say 60% of the time while I'm driving. When this first started a couple years ago, it only seemed to do it in cold weather about 40 degrees F or below (I'm from MN), but nowadays it does it year round. It seems like there is a short in...
  13. Jumping gauges at start up, help

    Problems & Issues
    I am having an issue when I start my 2002 CRV all of my gauges in my dash jump for a few seconds and then rest at proper levels. in addition none of my accessory power works when the car is off. any help offered would be appreciated.
  14. dashboard light and gauge problems

    Problems & Issues
    When I start my 2003 CRV EX (100,000miles) the dashboard shows the Emergency Brake "Engaged" light on until you drive 20-30 miles. The temperature gauge does not work in this same period. Nor does the O/D indicator light work during this initial 20-30 miles. The car is heating up normally...
  15. Odometer stopped working.

    Problems & Issues
    Hi All, The odometer and some other sensors (tripometer, outside temp, door open indicators) have stopped working on my 2003 CRV with about 72000km. The other gauges all work fine. Any ideas on what could cause this? Thanks.