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  1. Hello from Denver! Gave up 2007 for 2014 CR-V

    Greetings & Introductions
    Hello from the mile high city! I bought my 2007 CR-V EX new (my first new car) and she was fantastic for 10 years. Unfortunately she got pretty bad hail damage and my insurance (USAA) offered me more than my research said it was worth to total it, so I put the money down on a 2014 CR-V EXL...
  2. NGK Platinum Sparks Plugs Gave Long Service in 1999 Honda CRV

    Problems & Issues
    Gents: After the factory spark plugs were "done", I put in these NGK Platinum plugs. These plugs have fired the engine for 187 000 kilometers, and as far as I can tell without a misfire. But this is really due to the high energy ignition system, I suppose. As the images show, the platinum...
  3. gave up my Volvo 240 for a CR-V ... (temporarily, maybe)

    Greetings & Introductions
    Needed something I could flat-tow behind my new Home (Winnebago), and somehow the CR-V caught my fancy more than the others research showed could be towed. Love the headroom and the space for my big, lazy dogs. And this one has the fun standard transmission, and it's RED (which I initially...
  4. b20z1 oil pump gave up

    Problems & Issues
    So my oil pump is failing and needs replaced. Honda UK have it on back order so delivery is 2 weeks to 2 months delivery ......... Not good. Is there an alternative route I can take to speed this up ? I don't want to fit a pump from a breaker Incase that one packs in. Any alternative engine...