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  1. Custom grille for Gen2.5 - 2006

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    So I think I got all of the materials I'll need. (I'm trying to post all links to where I got everything so if you click anything clickable it'll bring you right to where I got it all from. ;)) Got a 3'x3' sheet of cloverleaf perforated aluminum from Home Depot, mini neoprene rubber trim from...
  2. Gen2.5 AC question

    Problems & Issues
    Test-drove a CRV that I would like to buy today. It is a 2005 EX AWD 5 AT. When I turned the temp dial all the way to the coldest set point, AC consistently blows cold air. But if I dialed it up a few notches, between cold and normal, the AC cycles to blow cold and warm (lukewarm ambient...