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  1. Rear ceiling mounted seat belt fraying

    Problems & Issues
    The rear center seatbelt (ceiling mounted) has rubbed against the ceiling housing to the point where the housing and the seat belt are unsafe. This is on a 2013 EXL and we always had the seat belt extended to the seat. Is this an issue that anyone else has experienced? Were you able to get Honda...
  2. Door locks killing LOC remote signal? Gen4

    Mobile Electronics
    I'm stumped - and oddly, the only other reference I could find to this was an issue on an Accord forum. Nothing terribly fancy - sub in a '12 EX-L. Removed the stock sub and tapped the wires to a LOC with remote signal. For some reason, when the door locks fire (lock or unlock) 9 times out of...
  3. Gen3 MUGEN spoiler on a Gen4 (2016) CRV

    Hi all, I've been really enjoying my '16 Touring AWD CRV. Has enough room for the family and is quite a comfortable all around SUV. Most of the things I've done to it so far have been mostly interior creature comfort type things - LED interior lighting, floor mats, dashcam, etc.... When I...
  4. Gen-4 Floor Jack Points (with pictures)

    Maintenance and Service
    The 2013 owners manual shows the side rail jack points for the included scissor jack, and where you would place jack stands when using a floor jack. But it never defines the safe/approved jack points for actually lifting the front or rear with a floor jack. I downloaded a few pages from the...
  5. DIY Gen4 (2012+) CR-V ATF and differential fluid change

    2012-2016 Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen 4)
    Hey guys. I just did a fluid drain & fill for my transmission and diff over the weekend. I wasn't able to find any video tutorials of this process, so I recorded myself as I went and posted it to YouTube. Hopefully some of you will find this helpful!
  6. Gen4 rear diff fluid change interval, MMI history

    Maintenance and Service
    I have a 2012 CR-V and was wondering about MMI intervals in general and in particular with respect to the rear diff fluid. I know people recommend that the rear diff fluid be changed every 15k to 20k miles, but I'm wondering how often people see the B16 code on their MMI. I got my first B16...
  7. Gen4 power tailgate retrofit DIY?

    So I just realized that the power tailgate only comes on the touring models. Booooo! Should be standard. But anyways, I dug around on the internet and found the (core) parts. The motor, arm, and sensor...
  8. Show off your Gen4 CRV

    Image & Video Gallery
    Let's see your CRV! The family
  9. Are splash guards needed on Gen 4 cr-v?

    I apologize for starting another splash guard thread. After looking around the wheel well and bottom trim design on the Gen 4 CR-Vs, I kept asking myself this question. May be these Dollars are better spent on other accessories? 1st picture: The side and rear bottom black trim pieces have a...
  10. GEN4 2012+ Where to tap into fuse box for ACC ON only?

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    I am trying to use an add-a-circuit type mini fuse to be able to tap into the fuse box to power DRL lights *only* when the car ignition key is switched ON. The add-a-circuit is rated 10A max, so that already limited my options. My dilemma: First I tried the exterior fuse box (easiest location...