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  1. Installed gentex compass/temp mirror! what wire to tap off for 12v power?

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    I just installed this mirror and I am assuming that I tap off a 12v supply line like the rear view wiper. I do not have a test light and was wondering if someone knew what wire I would tap off near the fuse box to get power. This is for a 2011 CRV. There are 2 harnesses located near the fuse...
  2. 2014 CR-V Gentex 50-GENK40A Auto Dimming mirror with Homelink installed

    I studied the previous posts, especially the 2012 install by carfanatic. It really inspired me to try this myself in my 2014 EX AWD CR-V. I ordered the parts 3 days ago (got...
  3. 2012 CR-V Homelink buttons!?!

    Dear Honda:
    1st post...please been kind. I'm sure that this has been posted before but thought I'd bring it up again. I just bought a 2012 EX-L for the wife and overall very happy with it. Its the perfect size for her, has enough power, and has many of the creature comforts that our 11 year old Jeep...
  4. 2012 CR-V Gentex 40A Autodimming Homelink Mirror Install

    Hi everyone. I wasn't sure what section to put this post in. Mods if this belongs elsewhere please move. I know there are a few Gentex mirror install posts and those definitely helped. Below are the steps I did for an install of the Gentex 40A on a 2012 CR-v. I used the Honda dimming mirror...
  5. Gentex mirror install

    Mobile Electronics
    I bit the bullet and bought Gentex 50-GENK352 with 3.5" for backup video. I also got the CRV specific (from factorykiss) backup camera. The mirror cost $399!!!!:eek: I'm going to try to install it myself this week and hopefully all will be well...I also got trim tool kit to make it easier...
  6. Gentex for 2006 CR-V SE?

    Gentex vs CIPA. Any advice on which brand is the one to go with? I would like temperature and compass. Will have professionally installed. :D Don
  7. GENTEX Homelink Autodimm/Compass mirror installed!

    Hi folks! I finally did it!! and installed the Gentex Homelink autodimm mirror. First I ordered from WembleySells on Ebay. These guys are absolutely serious, with very fast delivery and they even customized color matched the compass display with deep blue to look like the radio HU lights. It...
  8. Gentex HOMELINK mirror!

    Has anyone installed this mirror in a 2008 EX-L as of yet? eBay Motors: NEW!! 2008 Gentex Auto Dim HomeLink Compass Mirror Kit (item 130174641631 end time Feb-21-08 00:38:41 PST) e=MERC_VIC_RCRX_Pr4_PcY_BIN_Stores_IT&refitem=1301 93283865&itemcount=4&refwidgetloc=closed_view_item...