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  1. By the Grace of God I Am Here.... TIRE SCREW UP Need Advice

    Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    Well known tire company installed one tire on my CRV EX Jan 2015 that was damaged beyond repair due to a road hazard. The tires were only a year old and I did not purchase them from this company. I did not purchase extended road hazard insurance from the company where I purchased the tires. I...
  2. Thank God Its Gone!!!

    Problems & Issues
    Well I took my CRV back to the dealership 3 weeks ago as it would not start, again. They tested it and found that the battery would not hold a charge and was defective. They replaced it and charged me $149.00. When I cam to pick it up I argued with them and said first it was a 2010 and still...