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  1. Goodwill AC fix on 2011

    Gen 3: 2007-2011 (UK 2008-2012) CR-V
    Well my AC crapped out on me today, and I'm just over the extended warranty on time, my mileage is 62,000. My service guy is going to see if Honda will do a goodwill fix. Anyone been in this situation?
  2. Driver Door Lock Binds - No Goodwill from Dealer or DPSM

    Dear Honda:
    Dear Honda, I am hopeful you can assist with a known, documented issue with my 2003 Honda CR-V. I have been a loyal Honda owner since my first one came 'off the boat' from Japan in 1982, a manual trans 1500GL when I didn't even know how to drive a manual. Over time, my 2003 CRV has had...
  3. Goodwill consideration for tight valves issue

    Maintenance and Service
    I'm a bit worried after reading all the posts regarding tight valves / burnt valves, needing new heads on the Gen 1 Vs. I've got an 01 with 180k miles, second owner, not sure if valves were adjusted. Experiencing the rough idle / CEL issue. Took to dealership service and showed them the...
  4. I was scolded by Honda Dealer for Goodwill Repair

    Problems & Issues
    Wow. I reported a headliner vibration in my 2007 CRV at 30,000 miles. The dealer told me I had to use a higher quality fuel so the engine would not vibrate the interior. OK. I brought the car back to the dealer at 42,000 miles after I found the TSB on this site regarding the headliner not...
  5. Honda says "We've washed our hands of this" to me.

    Dear Honda:
    Throttle sensor (P0122 code) Manufacturing defect!! See Honda Service Bulletin 04-008 (google this). The entire throttle body must be replaced, dealer quoted at $1300. When I asked for "goodwill consideration" from American Honda to help pay the cost, Rep. Ron Robbins denied my request and...
  6. Goodwill consideration

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 2004 Honda CR-V with 40,500 miles on it. Last night the A/C compressor failed. I took it in this morning and the service rep told me that this had caused metal shavings to get into the entire A/C system - condenser, evaporator, dryer, hoses, etc. Total cost for repair estimated as...
  7. Goodwill Warranty for TSB # 03038 2001 CR-V with 83 K

    Problems & Issues
    I have multiple posts on 2 other threads about malf ind lights and misfire codes relating to burned valves on a 2001 with 83K, which will cost about $3500 to fix. I am looking for any info that can help me with my case to Honda that this should be covered under a Goodwill Warranty AND to find...