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  1. Do you notice any delay in the unlocking of the door when you grab the handle?

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 CR-V
    When using the keyless access do you notice any delay when unlocking the door :: does it immediately unlock as you grab the handle or is there some delay? Sometimes I notice that when I quickly pull on the handle it doesn’t unlock right away, what could be wrong?
  2. Smash and grab on 05 CRV -- now driver's seat doesn't slide

    Problems & Issues
    Hello, last night my driver's side window got smashed on my 2005 CR-V. I am planning on calling an auto glass place to fix the window. But I see now that the driver's seat doesn't slide. Obviously some glass got into the track. How bad is the problem? Is it now beyond what an auto glass place...
  3. 97 CRV, rough+stalls. OBDII data grab from 30 minute drive

    Problems & Issues
    It's an old and trusty vehicle sitting at almost 300k miles and has been keeping strong all this time. Bravo Honda! The only major past issue was a failing transmission from two years ago that led to having the rear wheel drive shaft removed. 2WD now. Unfortunately, a number of issues have...
  4. 03 CRV right rear brake grab

    Problems & Issues
    im not sure if you can answer this but i just have a quick brake question. I drive a 2003 honda crv and my back right brake has been grabbing to the point of possibly scoring my rotor/disc. Now after doing some research on the issue people have been saying that it could be the "slide pins" not...