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  1. Up grade turn/stop lights for towing 2013 C-RV

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    When towing our CR-V behind our MH and trying to change lanes, I find traffic is sometimes less then courteous. I wanted to make sure that others could see my turn signals and stop lights. Before preceding, let me note that when towing, I use the old 3 wire stop/turn/tail light system on the...
  2. correct grade oil for v-tec

    Maintenance and Service
    read that the v-tec operation/sensor on these engines can be picky with the type of oil used. I just buy what it requires, 5w20, got the synthetic blend higher mileage (75000+). just got the thing and it's been dealer maintained since new, that was what I put in for my first oil change and the...
  3. Best grade oil for higher mileage Gen 1 CRV?

    Maintenance and Service
    I have a 1999 CRV with the higher compression B20Z motor, manual states 5w30 and 10w30 if driven in a hot climate. What would be the best grade for my motor that has 220,000km on the engine and is driven in a hot climate? Could I go 10W40?
  4. 2017 Touring Wheel Up Grade

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    Really not a fan of the standard wheels so I went with these chrome American Racing wheels with the PVD finish.
  5. Headlight Bulb Up Grade Suggestions

    Maintenance and Service
    Just bought a 2007 CRV 2,2 CDTI. first mod I want to make is to the headlights. Anyone got suggestions for the best bulbs on main and also dip ? we will be living very remote so want the brightest light as possible. Thanks James
  6. 2013 CR-V Grade Logic Control

    Greetings & Introductions
    Is Grade Logic Control the same as the Hill Descent Control on the Euro Version? I know the U.S. version has Hill Start Assist, but what about going down a slippery slope? If it is equipped, is it automatic or do I have to do something to activate it? Thanks.
  7. 2013 - Aftermarket radio up grade for nav and gps features

    Mobile Electronics
    I am looking for some suggestions regarding a radio that will fit and work with the steering wheel controls and have some sort of navigation/maps program. I didn't want the spend the extra money for the Touring package, but I would LOVE navigation and gps. I like the clean integrated look of...
  8. 2004 CR-V what grade oil? please

    Maintenance and Service
    Hi, I'm new to using a blog. I bought a sweet '04 CR-V with 135k miles. My mechanic tells me I should use or change from recommended 5-20 oil to 5-30 oil. I live in Seattle, WA. I tend to trust the Honda recommendation but as a woman I'm unsure...any help/suggestions greatly appreciated.
  9. I Put The Wrong Grade Of Oil In

    Maintenance and Service
    I changed my oil last week and just today I discovered that I had bought 5W30 instead of 5W20. It is in there now . What are your opinions of this. Leave it until next oil change at 50% on the minder thingy or dump it and go back to 5W20 now. .
  10. API Premium Grade 0W-20 Detergent Oil for the 2010 CRV

    Maintenance and Service
    All, Ok, so I'm stumped and trying to do the research. I stopped by the dealer today and spoke to the service mgr whom stated that I would need the "special" oil change for the new 2010 CRV that's $60 because it uses "special" oil called "that can only be obtained at the dealer (API Premium...
  11. Hot weather vs Oil grade

    Maintenance and Service
    Hi everyone, i have a 98 V A/T EX and a hot weather where i live, easily on summer the temperature can reach 42C or something like 120F. i had note when i drive my car when is this hot on the day... i feel a loss of power and less MPG. I use 10w-30 Castrol GTX Oil, because is the manual...
  12. Oil grade?

    Texas CR-V Owners
    What's the oil grade that dealer use in south Texas, 5w20??? cause I think its' different that dealer use (10w30) here in north Tamaulipas (Mexico).......
  13. Grade Logic Controll

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    Hi All Is there way to shut off the GLC for summer driving? It slows you down thus reducing gas mileage. Thanks
  14. grade logic shifting

    Fuel Economy and Gas Related Discussion
    I hoping someone knows how to change the programming or if the dealer can change the programming of grade logic shifting. I have a 98 crv ex and I bought it last fall. It is my wifes crv. when I first drove it I noticed it does not shift on a hill. I think is wastes fuel the way it is programmed...