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  1. Dealer wants $129 to grease slider pins ! WTH?

    Gen 3: 2007-2011 CR-V
    Had the car in for some service this morning. As a precaution asked them to lube the pins while the wheels were off for a rotation. Told me it's $129.00 since they have to disassemble the brakes. Not sure it's true but I don't know whats involved. I know on my CX-5 the dealer did it for free...
  2. 2007 - Power Steering Lid Grease

    Problems & Issues
    Why does the front of the power steering lid always have grease. I clean it off, a few weeks later, its back. What is leaking or spraying..
  3. 2005 Honda Owner and Grease Monkey in Training

    Greetings & Introductions
    Hi All, I'm here to compare notes and learn about my car that is having a mid life crisis. Her name is Babe and we've been through a lot together. Best get right to the point in case the best pair of eyes to help me see this post: Her current problem, not my car in the video, but definitely...
  4. Rear Wheel Grease Leak

    Problems & Issues
    Our trusty 2007 CR-V is leaking grease out of the right rear wheel center. I'm 99% sure (haha) this indicates a leaking seal or O-ring underneath. Anybody had this and know what it most likely is? I'm mechanically quite capable so if it's a relatively simple fix I'll take it on; if it's more...
  5. Need Help with Caliper Sliding Pin Grease

    Maintenance and Service
    Is there a grease that won't swell the rubber seals on the sliding pins that I can use?
  6. What grease for caliper slide pins?

    Maintenance and Service
    The service manual specifies to use Honda Silicone Grease (08C30-B0234M) on the caliper slide pins. However, this stuff is about $50 a tube and not widely available. Are there any good alternatives? I've read that only silicone grease should be used because it's compatible with the rubber...
  7. Replacement Front OEM CV Joint - Pre-Loaded With Grease??

    Maintenance and Service
    The outer boot cracked on my 1998 5MT and rather than just replace the boot, or install an aftermarket rebuilt axle, I decided to purchase a new OEM outer front CV joint kit (I'm also replacing the inner boot). The new joint appears to have been pre-loaded with grease but there was also a tube...
  8. one grease to rule them all?

    Maintenance and Service
    Is there one grease I can use on practically anything? I have the Valvoline red multi grease. I want something I can pump into ball joints, use for brake shims, basically any joint that wants to creak and groan. White lithium, moly, etc?
  9. 2012 2WD Driveshaft support bearing leaking grease

    Problems & Issues
    While changing the oil on my 2012 EX 2WD I noticed what looks like grease (or oil) seeping out of the right driveshaft support bearing. I first observed this at 7500 miles and took the car back to the dealer for them to check it out. They said the problem was not the bearing but due to a...
  10. any grease point to do grease as routine maintenance ???

    Maintenance and Service
    hi experts, in general honda CRV -2005 auto, AWD , 2.4L , north american(canada) has any grease or lubrication point underneth which has to be lubricate under regular maintenance ???? the V any no problem at all !!! just pre-winter preparation only !!! help appriciated.... thanks in advance
  11. Good Old Grease

    Maintenance and Service
    Anyone have any suggestions on what type of grease I should use for the doors? A mechanic at the dealer said they use white lithium grease. I was looking at the Shin Etsu grease on H and A, and I understand a little goes a long way, but it seems expensive for such a small tube.