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  1. Missing plastic grocery bag hooks - rear cargo area

    Dear Honda:
    My 2002 CR-V has small plastic hooks in the rear cargo area which allows a person to hang plastic bags full of groceries. In my 2017 CR-V, the only hooks in the rear cargo area seem to be for the webbing tie-downs. I understand you're trying to sell consumers Cargo Trays but come on! I just...
  2. The new grocery getter (2013 Orchid White)

    Image & Video Gallery
    Just sharing some shots of the new grocery getter I got for the fam. :P OEM Honda Accord horn upgrade. (DIY install following the collegehillshonda videos) OEM trunk tray Thanks for lookin' :)
  3. Cargo area grocery bag hooks

    Hi everyone! We've got a 2010 EX. I noticed in the owners manual that the LX comes with 4 removable hooks that snap into where the folding deck lid attatches on the EX. Would be nice to keep grocery bags from moving around (and spilling contents) on the trip home from the store. Our Honda dealer...